Trumpery Politics Amusual …

TrumpDonald Trump’s appeal as a ‘reality TV’ persona is obvious; is his political appeal also a reflection of the mentality of his audience?

The political establishment, both sides, will trumpet: “Yes!” To say otherwise is an indictment of their leadership, right?

Some are pointing to Trump’s non-establishment position in a time of disaffection with the status quo as his appeal. We have noted that. When standard Democrats and Republicans are out of favor, a Trump stands taller. He is unstained by recent history.

It occurs to us that there is more. Not only does the Donald raise issues of concern to voters but ignored by their leaders, he does so repeatedly. Voters may hope that he cares about their concerns, as the (self-appointed)  intelligentsia do not.

While U.S. citizens worry about jobs, paying bills and raising their kids, the leaders blithely import large numbers of foreigners to compete for those jobs and consume billions in aid … billions that have to be extracted from citizens. Political leaders do not always seem to recall that they are using other people”s money. (Perhaps because their own comes so easily?)

Mr. Trump pounces upon that. He goes further, back to Ronald Reagan: “It’s morning in America!” While Democrats and establishment Republicans in particular are decrying what they disparage as “American Exceptionalism,” Mr. Trump says he wants to see America great again.  Mr. Obama wants America bowed to the average status while other Democrats do not disagree where we can see it.

Factually, America has been an exception, like it or not. Its advancement and wealth are unparalleled on earth. But that is now to be deplored among the mighty. Except Trump. He has seized Reagan’s shtick and is riding high upon it. That appeals to Americans who graduated from public schools more than a couple decades ago.

Mr. Trump has done a particular favor for Senator Cruz. Pre-Donald, Cruz was the village nutcase; now he is the saner and safely establishment member alternative to Trump. That change was not in Senator Cruz; it was in perceptions of him by the mighty. He was impossible; the appearance of the Donald has made him family.

As Trump proceeds, the attacks will increase in viciousness; the rulers will rigged against Trump and Cruz will benefit. He may begin to seem electable, in the light of Trump’s ongoing reality. At least until Trump fades, should he be so accommodating. .

Should Trump fall, short shrift will be made of Senator Cruz, we suppose. Attacks on Trump grow and led him to remind us of the possibility of a third party campaign recently. That is a real threat to Republicans, we think.

WE enjoy seeing the Donald reminding the GOP of what it no longer stands for but prefers not to admit that.  We think it a blessing.

We have no idea whom will wear the donkey or the elephant next November but the process is fascinating … crooked as a dog’s hind leg, but fascinating.





About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Trumpery Politics Amusual …

  1. Michael curtis says:

    One note that seems left out of most conversations is the there is no outsider running on the liberal ticket, with liberalism at the core I don’t think it is possible for an outsider to be an actual liberal

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Perhaps “liberal” is a ‘progressing’ definition? One that doesn’t hold still for long …

      There were “blue dog” Democrats once; most of today’s GOP candidates would qualify as liberals in the extreme, at that time if I recall correctly.

      Politics seems measured with rubber rulers, at least to me.

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