GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannAnother Saturday, another selection of News and Views:

Chicago: A person shot every 3 hours; one murdered every 17 hours? (Does the report surprise?) 2,689 were shot there since January. (Feeling safe in Gun Control Central)

International freight rates just plunged 70% in the last 3 weeks, unmatched in 2008. (Another deposit under the mattress ..?)

Millennials: 40% want speech censored, per a poll. (Hmnn … Where did they go to school?) The Federal Elections Commission plans to regulate presidential debates sponsored by media.

Los Angeles, after spending $25 B on welfare, saw a 20% increase in homelessness. (Right, subsidize something, you get more of it.)

A British Christian was brutally beaten outside his home by Moslem neighbors for his ‘blasphemy’. (Lucky fellow; in Pakistan, they’d have killed him.)

Puerto Rico sees cash shortage looming; government employee pay at risk as debt default looms. (No, the place is owned by the U.S, not Greece. It’s just not news. )

Congress  passed the heavily porked transportation bill while ignoring the fact that it requires spending non-existent money. It attempted to raid the Fed for fiat funds but that finally failed.  (It’s ok; you’ll make it good!)

A Planned UN ‘Hub’ in Washington: United Nations and United States growing closer? (World government following the E.U. model?)

The GOP Establishment redoubles effort to destroy Trump. (Good grief, the clown actually listens to the voters! Of course, we hear what Trump says; we don’t know what he might do.)

A woman stopped San Francisco Bay Bridge traffic with a striptease on the road.

The US Post Office lost another $5 B last year. (Ho hum; Congress will borrow and pay it … again.)

‘Refugee’ report: Fake passports stopped 6 Syrians in Honduras, 1 in Costa Rica. 6 men from Pakistan and Afghanistan were stopped entering from Mexico. .  8 Syrians were detained at Texas border. (You can pick out bad ants from good ants? Best stick to controlling the numbers of ants, seems to us.)

Students at Occidental College demand campus police without bullet proof vests. (A good cop can catch a bullet in his teeth … ask any professor!)

The $15 hr. ‘National Minimum Wage’ demanded will cause job loss and higher prices. (Duh … ).

A dog lover adopted a Rottweiler, that a few hours later, killed him. (Man’s Best Fiend?)

Resolute government agents nailed a smuggler at the L.S. airport; they protected us from 450 illegal pork tamales. (Feel safer now?)

Iran’s stock of enriched uranium has grown. (We’re SHOCKED! SHOCKED!)

A 19 year old Chicago woman dropped her newborn from an 8th story window. (Why not? A lot less fuss and cost than abortion.)

A Dairy Queen was robbed at sword point. (The cutting edge of modern crime.)

Texas landowners have sued the feds over their latest private property grab.

A drone struck a truck outside a New Jersey refinery.  (Add drones to the Paris murderers; , then guess what’s coming … )

Police removed a 3 foot snake from a woman’s bathtub. (Well, it was a clean bust … )

Uber: Pennsylvania proposes $50 M fine against company. (Fronting for the kostly kabs)

Retirement income changes coming in 2016 (Special to retirees)

A knife wielding Muslim slashed a woman at Washington, D.C. Union station, then charged a cop. (Not news …  Maybe she was Jewish?)

Houston: The next Chicago? (Illusory public pensions again … )

US debt is 3 times larger than you hear. (US former Controller General (S’all right; you owe it anyway …))

Moviemakers batten on tax subsidies. (Average movie costs $200 million to make) (Uh – Isn’t that corruption?)

A teen was arrested with a loaded gun in her vagina. (Hmnn … Ammo?)

With this, we give up, hoping to be revived over the weekend.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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