ISIS: The Latest Political Bogeyman?

ISISAgain, Isis is serving as a political tool and a distraction from reality. Foreign policies will change, governments will be replaced and massive movements of people will react to the murders in Paris of some hundred fifty or so by nine Islamist thugs.

In New York, about nineteen such agents murdered over three thousand people in the World Trade Towers and related aircraft with arguably, no greater publicity than we are seeing from Paris. ISIS seems more efficient in its use of resources than was al Qada, given that Western reaction is the goal.

But ISIS is merely a distraction. It is the remainder of the Sunni enforcers used by Saddam Hussein to control the majority Iraqi Shia Moslems. President Bush reversed the order, replacing the Sunnis with the suppressed Shia in his disposition of Saddam. That left the Sunnis to submit or fight for what they had enjoyed.

It also moved Iraq from the Sunni Gulf Arabs toward Shia Iran, altering regional power. Next door in Syria, the Assads leaned toward Shia Iran, while governing mostly Sunnis. A balance of sorts.

It is reported that the CIA encouraged what became ISIS as a Sunni barrier between the Sunni Arab Gulf and Shia non-Arab Iran. Whether or not true, ISIS emerged and has claimed that territory. What is ISIS now?

It is an Iraqi-led, increasingly foreign staffed collection of young men, paid in cash and slaves to rape and kill in the name of Allah. It controls a shrinking territory since its much promoted horrers have backfired. Arab Sunnis and Iranian Shia have joined (miraculous!) against ISIS; so have America, Russia and Europe. ISIS is losing territory and is effectively, as President Obama recently stated, contained.

That is why it has sent a few agents to France to wreak horrer; it needs public successes to offset its battlefield losses if it wishes to continue recruiting.  And more of its fighters are now foreign; locals are backing away. Paris is a sign of weakness, not strength. ISIS is no more than a leftover from the Bush Iraqi adventure, albeit the first such to benefit from the internet.

But its desperate thrashings are magnified by media and politicians for their own interests. Media raise raise ratings and so, ad revenue. Politicians ramp up business for makers of war materiel and whip up voter support.  It resembles age-old techniques for assembling a lynch mob.

The real problem for Europe and America is the invisible elephant in the room: Neither  can any longer, pay for the offshore adventures in which they have  cheerfully spent foreign lives and property; they are, of their own mismanagement, insolvent. But they will not admit that; needed contributions would stop. Politicians would be replaced.

Incumbent politicians will defend the status quo to the death. Yours, preferably to theirs.

So we are directed to ISIS as world-shaking, never mind al Shabab, Boko Haram, Abu Sayaf, the Taliban and hundreds more little different around the world. So erase ISIS; al Qaeda and the others will remain. So long as Islam exists, there will be such. That is another elephant for the Left; it does not wish to face reality when it can benefit from illusion.

In Europe and in the U.S, ISIS is less about terrorism and more about who will govern in Europe and North America. While it is indeed an enemy of Western peoples, it does them much less damage than do their own politicians.





ISIS (realities vs politics) “There’s no such thing as ISIS”

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