Alfred_E__NeumannYour news report leftovers:

The U.S  Food and Drug Administration is taking on regulation of produce farming. $109 million will be spent in the first year. Veggie farmers will now have Federal regulations and inspectors to obey. (And veggies will cost more, we’ll bet.) The Food and Drug Administration wants a cap on our daily sugar intake.

New EPA anti-smog restrictions will cost 40 times more than estimated?

Report: Flu shots for the elderly are of questionable value … (Until the next report, anyway. How many are living off the flu sot program?)

Worldwide: Restive electorates, economic decline, social dissolution, lamentable governance, with few prospects for improvement or even, facing reality. (A worthy read …)

The federal Department of Justice publicly urges body cameras on local police, but refuses them for Federal officers. (Do what I say, not what I do, right?)

An Honest Report on Climate Change (If you’re interested.)

The rift between the UK governing establishment and the voters. (Wonder what a British Trump will look like?)

The government is covering up an ISIS role in recent stabbings at a college?

The EU is considering extending copyright protection to hyperlinks.  (That will require payment when linking to copyrighted items … such as news stories.) The Obamafolk are pursuing it too. (Too much news is getting out?)

Venezuela uses toilet paper to exemplify the glories of socialism. (An economic wipeout)

DEA: Drug overdose deaths surpass those from firearms or car crashes. (We need drug control, right?)

A new cell therapy has cleared leukemia from a terminally ill baby.

Puerto Rico seems likely to cut government services or default by yearend. (Or both. An early warning for the US states approaching similar financial shape. Why isn’t that ‘news’ for the media?.)

Poverty Growth in the United States.  (21 quick facts)  and this isn’t news either. (Might make the recovery look bad?)

America’s ‘Poor’ have more wealth than much of Europe’s middle class? (Yeah … But the government is working on that, right?)

The US Navy Boss sees Chinese and Russian military escalations at sea as a “threat to the world system.” (By which he means the system enforced by the US military, maybe?)

Tax Inversions (Corporations emigrating to escape taxes) are threatening the US business structure?

Child care costs have become unaffordable. (Cheap teen ‘baby sitters’ are now illegal or unavailable in too many places, thanks to government regulation.)

McDonald’s self-service kiosk.  Panera Bread cashier kiosk . The new burger machine – and more. (The prizes accompanying the $15 hr minimum wage demand by fast food workers?)

Hackers on Wall Street : Smaller thieves stealing from the Big Boys.

A woman was arrested for dancing naked while men splashed ketchup on her cakes. (You think we’re going to comment?)

With that, endeth another week with Russians, Chinese and any number of Moslems practicing WWIII as Pope Francis put it, “piecemeal.” World finance is a leaking balloon and the big banks that run it are the same financial cesspools they were in 2008. Plus change’ …But we have survived another week!


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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