Thoughts Concerning Moslems Murdering French Folk In Paris …

Paris AttackSomehow, one’s own broken and bloody nose fixes attention while those of others remain in mind only en passant. Americans are fixated on the 9/11 date upon which Moslem thugs crashed airliners into the New York World Trade Center and the Pentagon; Europeans remain while conscious of that, immured in a safe distance. Americans are — different — and the Atlantic is wide.

But today, Europe experienced its own 9/11, fortuitously or not, on 11/13, a Friday. A group of Moslems murdered going 140 or more innocent people in Paris. European historical borders and even the Channel are not so wide as the Atlantic. The world has now changed. Europeans live with tunnels under the Alps and under even the Channel. The political scene is still somewhat disparate via culture and languages; the geography has been unified. And Moslem attackers have cost much European blood and treasure in an aggressive past, leaving a substantial backwash to still trouble the Balkans and the Caucuses.

To date, Euro leadership has welcomed the influx of Moslem refugees now pouring into Europe. Not that it signifies, but the machinations of European and U.S. governments contributed much to the destabilization that is driving them. And they are in fact, fleeing enormous destruction of life and property. Succour is only humanitarian, right?

It is also true but never admitted, that the beliefs and attitudes of these refugees are incompatible with those of locals, who if no longer Christian in most cases, are not Moslems. And thereby, unacceptable to those who ARE Moslems. And so it has remained some one and a half millennia. Never mind, say the politicians: “Apres moi, le deluge … ” Yeah. But now it’s raining pretty hard in Paris and the falling liquid is blood. French blood. Attention will be paid.

The Moslem influx has already diminished Amgela Merkel, the present spine of Europe, to the extent that the place has any. The German Right is rising into the resulting vacuum. France has already been flirting with the Le Pen heiress, similar scripts are appearing around the E.U, which itself, seems paralyzed. Whatever else results, we expect that this murderous attack will end the paralysis, if slowly. We surmise that any Euro politicians who do not react quickly to protect their constituents  (or at least, pretend that) will be run out of office at the first ensuing opportunity. And hijabs will go quickly out of style on the streets while hair salons will proliferate in Moslem neighborhoods. Reality may suck, but it remains reality for most.

So massive a reaction will not occur overnight, nor in evenly spaced times nor places; it will be messy and it will require some time. But in the end, we expect that a handful of Moslem thugs will have saved Europe from being overrun. Not what they intended, but not too unusual either. And we will be able to report the follies of the Right for awhile, in lieu of those of the Left. In some places, anyway.

In the U.S, already sensitized by 9/11 in New York, the resulting second hand reaction will be reinforced by that prior  experience. Presidential hopeful Trump will benefit immensely, as he is the avowed spokesman for resisting migrants.

We don’t know whether the attackers in Paris were locals or had accompanied the “refugees” streaming in. The latter might accelerate reaction at Euro borders, but in the end, should not make a lot of difference.

The take home conclusion seems to us, (not that we know anything) that these Moslem murderers have overreached: They have triggered that they intended to destroy. Not uncommon, with our species.

Given all that, and the numbers of Moslems on earth, plus the economic pressures forming world wide, the near future seems likely to be more interesting than many of us might prefer …


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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