Is Human Progress Only Fertilized With Human Blood?

RevolutionWay back you may recall, a Roman emperor decided to become a Christian instead of feeding them to his lions. The resulting church preserved Western civilization through the dark ages and was  a fulcrum of its expansion into today’s planet-leading development of technology and wealth. Yeah, really. You know that.

Some even know that the resulting Roman Catholic Church descended into corruption to the point that it split into Protestantism vs Romanism over tons of dead and tortured bodies for a very long time. Even now, that piece of history is called a “Reformation” or the “Protestant Revolt” depending upon which side you hear from.

The key piece though, is that the Catholic Church had back then become so corrupted that it engendered that rather awful revolution. For that, a very large number of its members had to be revolted to make the revolution possible. Things were very bad.

Today, we noted a news story:  ‘Vatileaks’ Report: Vatican properties are operating as brothels for priests.” We don’t know whether the source is reliable. We have noted though, that not only the church, but the very Western civilization is split between modernism and leftover Christianity. We know that modernism is atheistic and amoral from our observation. And we can see that the Catholic Church is equally split between the Pope’s faction and the conservatives. In sum, all of what we call “Western Civilization” is split right down its middle, people, churches, government. With time, that’s unsustainable, right?

We note too that the primary difference between the developed piece of the world and all the rest of it, is the level of corruption. Rich places have less; the poor places have more. And those rich places used to be Christian; the rest have been everything else. We are not selling Christianity, we just note that it and relative honesty and wealth tend to coexist. We draw no conclusion; you may do that for yourself. Perhaps it’s all an accident? Still, it is so.

Now, we note that such commonly accepted rectitude has vanished and that the corruption is rising and the wealth is diminishing. Again, it may be random and you may decide.

This present then, channels the Reformation. A return of the corruption, even in the Roman Catholic Church, that gave rise to those who, protesting the corruption, became Protestants: Luther, Calvin, Zwingli et al. Over, before all was done, oceans of blood and strife.

Our landscape is looking eerily familiar to us. Europe is inundated in floods of ‘refugees’ that Europe and the U.S. created with geopolitical adventures. North America is deliberately reprising its own version. The locals are abandoning that which glued them together while simultaneously adding potential insurgents from abroad. A historically poisonous mix, even if well deserved.

Both Europe and North America have demanded governors who have promised a free lunch in a world where the check has never failed to appear at the end of the meal. By now, we should well know what we have made and as well, that it is no longer very far off.

The only question of any uncertainty seems to us: Will there be another Reformation this time? And if so, when and how? Eugen Rosenstock wrote in his “Out of Revolution: the Autobiography of Western Man” of the bloody process by which we have arrived where we are. It appears that his cycle has a way to run …

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