Some Simple Facts aAnd Opinions Of Europe’s Latest Mas Migration

MobFirst, Europe was initially populated by migrants from Africa, near as we can tell. In more recent history, you may read of four previous migrations with a comparison to the present here. And The refugee crisis  strains Europe and the world. A million migrants are expected this year, three million more next year.

Given that most are unassimilable Moslems used to depending upon government handouts to exist, social stability and economic growth both seem at risk. The festering sore that is the Moslem Middle East appears poised to continue suppurating indefinitely, sustaining the outflow.

As European intervention into the middle East and Africa from earlier days has much to do with the present, some rough justice may be seen but that is no solution now.

In what is now normal fashion, the mess is presented to the public in simplified and emotional terms. Poor, innocent women and children are forced by barbarous treatment to flee. Only greedy, hard-hearted, selfish scum would refuse to succour them, right? Never mind that they will overwhelm the job market, lower wages, raise welfare costs and threaten civil order. And import Islamic terrorism with them. Enough of them could convert European civilization into  the same scene the migrants are fleeing, for the same reasons.

The real and tough question is unstated, no politician will bring it up. But it sits over any discussion of these sorts of affairs. At bottom, these refugee/invaders are fleeing their own inability to govern themselves, a large piece of which is their religion. They carry that with them and traditionally are devoted to imposing it upon any place they inhabit. Do existing Europeans have a duty to welcome that, in quantity? The reader may decide. That seems to us, the bottom line.

If they wish to avert all that is threatened, the Europeans will — and quickly —  organize and control the flow, apportioning it to match their capacities. That will leave a large unprotected surplus for others (if any) or just disease and starvation to handle. On video, one may be sure, with agonizing sound and reporting.

We might note that the Arabs whose intramural hatreds provide much of the impetus for the mayhem at home, refuse to accept a lot of the resulting migrants that they produce. They prefer to dump their refuse on Europe. That is the only reason that Israel remains surrounded by ever-attacking Palestinians.

We should further note that a substantial percentage of these migrants are looking for economic improvement more than for safety. Not that we blame them. But it does complicate things, doesn’t it?

And after analyzing all this, it’s notable too that an even larger source representing the same sort of circumstances is waiting in black Africa, under no better and arguably worse conditions.

When we get down to the basic issue: Does the advanced, developed, wealthy part of the world have a duty to endanger everything it has built to succour the refugees of the part of the world that has not matched it? Hold up your hand if you have the answer …

An accompanying footnote: The somewhat parallel situation in North America is not  a result of strife created by Americans. The U.S. has plenty of responsibility in the Middle East and Africa but most of the present Latin American migrants crossing the Rio Grande are economic migrants, acting largely at the sub rosa invitation of the U.S. government and large employers. About 10% of the Mexicans today live in the U.S. already.

Politically, this latter is likely not a much easier situation for governors. And at bottom, little different in reality. Just less blood. To date, anyway.

The Left is loudly fond of diversity, multiculturalism, equality etc. We seem in line for a lot of those; it will be interesting to watch how we like them in fact as oppose to just theory. We suppose that, as so often with political prescriptions from all sides, they won’t come cheap. The migrants are already paying dearly; we will get our bill shortly. Whether any of us will end with what we though to purchase, is open to question …


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