Romans, History, Money, Electrons and Eggnog …

ProgressThe Roman Empire imploded into the Catholic Church, which, modified by the Renaissance and the Reformation, led us to what became Western Technical Civilization. (The envy of the rest of the world.) Yeah.

But like the Israelites while Moses was p the mountain receiving the Ten Commandments, we have abandoned that in favor of doping whatever we want, (e.g. abortion on demand). Never mind that we are abandoning an upright society thereby. And never mind that low corruption levels inevitably accompany widespread wealth production.

Human history is a simple cycle: Individual opportunism has resulted in the formation of government to deal with it. Then, governmental opportunism has produced a need for individual protection. Revolution follows.

And it all restarts. But somehow, it restart at a higher level of development as the cycles pass. Progress therefore, is occurring. Material progress, anyway. For an increasing percentage of us each time. America’s poor would be accorded wealthy in most of human history. That is progress, isn’t it?

Not if you are one of those American poor; you are looking at it through a local lens. Not if you are seeing America’s poor from central Africa; you are looking at it from a distant framework. Nor if you are watching from Syria, Libya, Afghanistan or Somalia.

How then, do those last places differ from America and Europe: At bottom, only in the attitudes of the folk who live there. And America and Europe are busy abandoning the attitudes that have given them their ‘developed world’ status in favor of attitudes that more resemble those of third world places, which their economies are – surprise! – diminishing to resemble. Funny how thins work, no matter what politicians promise. And again, nothing new; it has always been thus.

Our apologies: We added a celebratory eggnog (with rum) to our glass of wine at dinner and we are obviously irresponsible. By tomorrow, we hope to be sober. And hope that the progress of human history will look better. But at least for now, no bets.

We were reminded today, that there is no money anymore; banks and governments all rely on mere electrons and the internet, subject to hackers, politicians and the occasional solar radiation storm. Your monetary wealth is a convenient electronic fiction sustainable only so long as technology holds up and government approves. Yeah. How reliable is that?

Well, the eggnog was good … while it lasted.

Catholic corruption hit headlines. (Didn’t we have3 the Reformation last time?)

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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4 Responses to Romans, History, Money, Electrons and Eggnog …

  1. Rawclyde! says:

    What I especially enjoy in the present election cycle, is the myth of the “angry” voter. Please tell me what these voters are angry about, other than being stupid, greedy, and having to pay attention in order to vote wisely…

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Well, those see, indictment enough to anger anyone, especially looking back from a mirror … and then, there’s all the added trouble and effort of having to find excuses for why it’s someone else’s fault, right?

      What bothers me the most is, if those are the results we get from the present way we do things, how else should we proceed? Damfin …

      • Rawclyde! says:

        Well, having ceased working at 62, I’m going to continue to collect social security ~ and I’m certainly NOT angry about receiving it every month from Uncle Sam…

      • Jack Curtis says:

        Why not? We pay in for others all our working lives; collecting on our own accounts seems indicated. (While it’s there to collect …)

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