Reality per: The Government, The News and in Real Life …

PigWe noticed tonight that the US government thinks that ISIS downed the Russian flight with a smuggled bomb on board. We notice too that the downed Malaysian flight over Ukraine has been left in the fog, mostly. The investigators reportedly attributed the downing to a Russian-made missile, apparently fire from the Russo-rebel area of eastern Ukraine, but it wasn’t, by the time it was published, news anymore and few noticed. Such things seem sorta to depend upon whom is involved.

As mentioned before, we’ve heard little of Ebola since it was thought imminent doom. We’re ignorant of what is going on in Ukraine. We don’t really know what is happening in Syria, though Syria is in the news. Nor do we hear much of events in Yemen or Iraq, though our Prez is beefing up our military in that part of the world, behavior for which he criticized his predecessor. Why is US military there when we can’t pay for it anymore? We don’t hear of that, either, though we have elected the: “most transparent administration in our history” per election campaign promises. Nor are we hearing of the dissolution of Venezuela, the latest socialist paradise, into its own economic fallacies. How little, when one considers it, we know. Beginning with our public educations …

Instead, we are immersed in repetitive stories bouncing back and forth between the latest nutcase murderer and a bunch of presidential candidates who mostly represent the status quuo but for a couple of mavericks who will be nominated over so many dead bodies that it will require helicopters to get over the pile.

Dr. Carson seems a good man, therefore disqualified for his lack of realism. And one must wonder where he’s getting his money. Trump is as much Democrat (if not more) historically as Republican, and is as well a protectionist, a position favored by President Herbert Hoover when he signed his famous Smoot-Hawley tariff that stopped international trade in the Great Depression. The fallback candidate of the establishment, Marco Rubio is whatever he’s told. Ted Cruz sounds conservative and populist; his reality is anybodies’ guess.

On the Left, Hillary is still alone; her loyal opposition Bernie Sanders is only there to hold her coat. But it is yet a year to wait and a lot of Democrats don’t want la Clinton leading them. The Dems’ caped crusader may be as yet unrevealed.

Whoever is left holding the bag in the Oval Office after next November seems set to be the next Herbert Hoover in any case, but with a bigger, now world-wide, economic failure to face. Perhaps the Democrats will let Hillary take the fall after all. Herbert and Hillary, the Depression Twins …

That’s fanciful of course; better to be thinking of some way to make a living in a busted economy. It won’t be easy. Our father-in-law shoveled snow off Chicago driveways for a while in 1930 and then learned how to make gloves in upstate New York. He did better than a lot of others. Today, police in New York city have reported 80 homeless encampments, with thousands sleeping on the streets.

There was little  of government safety net in tour father-in-law’s days, unlike the present. What too many don’t seem to realize about our present, is that since the safety net is largely financed with deficits, it will vanish when reality arrives. We are likely to be no better off than were our Great Depression forebears. Perhaps, given the massive debts of every level of government, worse.

But Thanksgiving is coming, the turkeys are in process, winter is on the way and those whose credit cards aren’t yet maxed out have Black Friday to anticipate, Eat, drink and be merry!

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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