GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannAnother week has piled onto our experience, a bad week for those with faith in government, economic recovery, Obamacare and world peace. We would apologize but we are not in charge; we only watch and report.

We have found a Nobel Laureate economist who seems to agree with us. Or more humbly, with whom we agree. He says that the US is falling toward 3rd world status; he expects the goal to be reached within the coming decade.  (He is Paul Craig Roberts.)

A Chinese missile has effectively obsoleted US carriers and other ships. (Worse, the carriers’ planes are too short-ranged to protect the ships.)

Obamacare is failing financially; it appears to be unsustainable..

A Steelmaking decline lines up with the earlier reported Caterpillar downsizing to predict continued reduction in world trade.

The Federal Reserve seems to be forcing the US 3 largest banks to borrow $120 B to strengthen them against a need for future bailouts. (Seems to us, the bankers are learning from the politicians when we’d prefer the other way around.)

Europe’s largest bank has eliminated its shareholder dividend for the next two years.

Wal- Mar is under fire for selling kids an Israeli soldier’s uniform Halloween costume.. (Would a Waffen S.S. uniform pass?)

An ambulance attendant was suspended for trying to save the life of a choking 7 year old girl.

Drone Porn: Increasing numbers of couples are complaining of being filmed from the sky.

The Trans Pacific Trade Partnership legislation remains secret, unavailable to most.(We’ll replace our “Trust Me” photo of a lion with our Congressman …)

A professional society of French mathematicians is calling global warming nonsense.

Jobs and cheap energy were shut down by a judge as coal mine expansion was blocked for global warming. Climate Change vs Reality: China, India against the West.

Congress will investigate NOAA global warming temperature ‘adjustments’ that have nearly doubled warming as reported. NOAA has refused to provide its information to Congress.  (Will Congress investigate like it investigated the IRS and Benghazi?)

Turkish opposition newspapers turned suddenly pro-government the day after their managements were arrested.

An unarmed 12 year old boy was charged with terrorism after he was found possessing a drawing illustrating an attack on his school.

4 cops were injured and 3 students arrested in a student mob brawl in the street outside their high school classroom.

80% of immigrants in Germany lack any qualifications. (Wanna bet they know how to apply for welfare?)  Germany expects 400 k migrants next year to be welfare cases for years due to lack of skills.

Fort Worth: Grammar school aged child vandals are attacking a neighborhood, burning and stealing. (What’ll they do on Halloween?)

Prez Obama is returning US military to Iraq and beefing up in Syria? (Whatever happened to the Constitutional provision that only Congress declares wars?)

“Love” , a new movie review proves that porn is no longer a special category, it’s just another movie.

Internet freedom has declined again for the fifth year. (Best watch what you post)

National School Tests results are down in math and reading. (Do you believe what politicians say or what they do on education?)

Sonoma County, CA has lowered its student grading; more A’s and fewer F;s expected. New York City schools are passing failing students; colleges accept them. US international rankings in math, science and reading dropped again.

A Christian football player’s team was penalized for ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ when the player pointed to the sky after a spectacular run.

Some vegetarian Hot dogs were found to contain meat; some hot dogs included human DNA.

Raise the debt limit: Why have a limitless limit? (What limit?)

A naked man was arrested after terrorizing a Victorville neighborhood.

And so it went, perhaps appropriately for the run up to Halloween …


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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