A Government By Any Other Name Would Smell The Same …

SkunkIt came to us last night in our favorite thinking place, standing in the shower waiting for the soap to rinse off, that “Socialism,” “Communism,” “Welfare Capitalism” and the endless list of other euphemisms related thereto are only snake oil, scams intended to hide the implicit content that contravened that which America’s Founders bequeathed. They are all a scam, a diversion.

Sweep it all away, what is left? A simple choice between  an all-powerful, massive government and a small, weak and simple one. Most of us know which was the preference of our Founders. We have nevertheless continued to elect those who prefer its opposite, a slippery slope that would have disappointed but not surprised Benjamin Franklin.

It was obvious to our forebears that we could have individual freedom or a powerful government but not both at once. They after all, had a couple of millennia of history to rely upon, material that has somehow disappeared from public education. We know how: Progressive education did it, we have not wanted to know why. You can figure it out, if you wish to think of it. Most of us have preferred not to think about it at all. So, here we are.

Whether someone is a socialist is a distraction: What do they wish to make of the government is what matters. The labels are just propaganda. A chocolate coating to help the scheme to be swallowed.

Government is one thing: Power. It is a zero sum game; what government gains, can come only from the citizens who thereby lose to that extent. When government has acquired enough power, it need no longer take the citizens’ wishes into consideration most of the time. Like say, China or Russia.

That is where the United States and many members of the European Union aspire, and have nearly reached, it seems to us. Both are flooding their lands with immigrants with strong, negative economic impacts against the evident wishes of their citizens. Doesn’t that tell us something? Only if we are paying attention, right?

In fact, Western governments are busily impoverishing their citizens now evolved into subjects; victims who like frogs in a kettle, will realize their predicament too late.

While the citizens have been happily lapping up the government ‘help’ taken forcibly from those who have earned it, the governors have been using deniable inflation and magically produced money to strip them of their hard earned wealth. That is the impact of the enormous debt piled high by government, on the day it must be repaid. A day that will never come in the political universe but a day far too near in reality. Reasonably even 2015 …

It is telling that even the antipolitician Donald Trump avoids financial reality speaking to the voters. He does bring up subjects the established ‘leaders’ prefer to avoid, but not those that matter most. We know what is coming, we presume he does as well, yet he avoid s it. Whose welfare does he seek? We don’t know. Through his career, it has been his own, as with his competitors for the Presidency. We trust that he will, so long as his polls are high, not sit with his back to many open windows …

In the larger sense, we see little difference between the Donald and his confreres. All appear set to use massive government to their ends. We call that, a status quo. And so, destructive of the common weal.

When a 50 car, heavily laden train has reached speed, stopping the lead locomotive does not stop the accumulated inertia of the massive, rolling weight. The  engine stops; the rest keeps coming and the result is chaos. The U.S. economy is much more massive; the international one now at risk, incalculable.

We will in 2016, select the next Herbert Hoover. One difference: There will be no following Franklin Roosevelt; his solutions have already failed twice. We have no idea what we will  be offered, but we are confident that it won’t work either. We are optimists: We hope that the destruction will remove so much government that we will be left alone to sort it out ourselves, at least for a while. In time, of course, likely a long time.

Or perhaps our noble leaders will somehow save us from what they have wrought? They will certainly promise that …


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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