Western Civilization And Its Mandate Of Heaven …

Mandate of HeavenIn China, the Communist Party government retained the Mandate of Heaven; it dropped failed Communist economics and retained power while Russia’s Soviet government collapsed. Chinese governments have long concerned themselves with keeping the people’s confidence. They avoid going down with their ships.

Europe and the United States are sitting on a political earthquake fault; the nominal governments on one side, many voters on the other. Europe’s leaders are inviting hordes of Muslim refugees; the U.S. invites those and Hispanics into lands already suffering from losses of jobs. Voters notice.

The U.S. government has mandated birth control, abortion and homosexual policies abhorrent to Jews and Christians. A significant number of voters remain opposed. This is illuminating the 2016 presidential election, though with little remark re its origin. It signifies a developing Christian versus Post-Christian struggle for political power and even, political existence.

The Republican primaries feature several apparatchiks plus two appointees and a joker. Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson are the necessary female and black man; Donald Trump seems a walk-on. The Democrats have the Anointed Woman and her Loyal Opposition, with some opportunists in waiting. Both parties show the threatening split between the governors and the governed, seems to us as far, far left Sanders does better than he is supposed to do.

For the GOP, the party’s choices are lagging while an apparently, self-appointed Donald Trump surges ahead on polls. For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton finds her technically non-Democrat, avowed socialist nominal opponent Bernie Sanders surging as she struggles.  Things are not going per the rulers’ wishes.

(Will the future election polls be left free to disagree with the wishes of the elite?)

For now, neither Republican nor Democrat voters seem ready to elect whom they are told to elect and the respective elites heads are exploding. That sort of reaction often presages unthinking tantrums among the powerful and as often, those do not end well. Trump for instance, asked for and received Secret Service protection. We hope that he has someone watching those guys …

But the issue is this: When too many people divorce their government, that government cannot stand. It has lost the Mandate of Heaven. It is done. Whether the numbers of the American voters showing their displeasure are large enough to constitute a loss of the Mandate is yet to be seen, but so far, the reaction is severe. We note that a comedian is favored to win the Guatemalan presidency, with politicians in disrepute. Among American Republicans, 70% see Trump as most electable.  The Mandate of Heaven seems insecure in both Guatemala and the U.S. just now.

In Germany, Chancellor Merkel is in hot water for supporting massive Muslim immigration; so are other leaders of the E.U. As mentioned, Pope Francis is in trouble with his bishops after the recent Synod on the Family, as the Church confronts modern attitudes on divorce and homosexuality versus ancient scripture, another portion of the western fault line.

We have to wonder whether not only the U.S. but western civilization can retain the Mandate of Heaven …


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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