If Government Wanted Improved Education, Would Education Still Suck?

Public EducationAmerican public schools have for decades turned out more and more kids who have known less and less but they are nevertheless, very educational. For those who wish to learn, anyway.

Pre Progressivism, (John Dewey et al) such schools were controlled by local parents; they were devoted to producing capable thinkers to be independent, productive citizens on their own. And that, they did. On low budgets, too.

Since the onset of “Progressive education” they ave instead, inculcated the political doctrine du jour along with a generally passive attitude with respect for authority. Their output is now government and worker bees provided the job is not too complex. Those reading the very public writings of the Dewey crowd know that this is no accident. Parents of course are no longer of influence. Now, it’s “Common Core,” a lightly camouflaged Federal takeover of local curricula. The goal is obviously obedient citizens over productive ones.

Vaguely uneasy parents are anesthetized with verbiage about ‘developing’ each child’s maximum capacities while in fact, too many children who may show above average independence and intellect are penalized for their non-conformance. But you know that.

AS the time, money and effort put into public education over many decades has not deterred its path toward mediocrity one iota nationwide in the face of much publicity and crocodile tear complaints, it is past time to admit that the public schools are doing exactly what their masters desire them to do. Face it, all tose who do not meet that goal in government end soon enough either fired or in jail, do they not?

Not all face reality of course, Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg recently gave the Newark school district $100 million to redeem its abysmal output. Well, he’s young, one must forgive him. The state matched his gift: $200 million disappeared into this political drain. Quietly, you may not have heard of it. Why that is so, we leave to you to consider.  Suffice to say, the money has gone and the New Jersey schools remain on their previous course.

We suppose that this is not widely advertised as so many teachers’s unions sing perrennially of the need for money to solve the problems. A public escape of reality would annoy many influential folk in education, right?

Finally, if you are contemplating a growing dependent population with diminishing available work, you need to somehow render passive as many as possible while conditioning them to be  dependent. Best too, to relieve them of their guns, of course. Maybe our masters know more of what is coming than they wish to admit ..? Of course, we have no idea. You decide …

Meantime, note that the Environmental Protection Agency has joined a couple dozen other Federal agencies in buying quantities of military weapons. Why? We dunno …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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