Driverless Car Thoughts For Today …



Self-driving cars are being tested; you likely know that. Some Tesla models include self-driving features, you may know that, too. But mass production self-driving cars are still futuristic, so you can think about that later, right? Maybe not.

Yes, the tech is costly and underdeveloped just now. Nor has anyone decided how it should be used. Amazon and Google are testing it, among others. A Mercedes driverless big rig is testing. From those to general use is a long way.

Were you developing self-driving cars, your first lawsuit for damages might be the end of the idea, at least for a while. One can imagine attorneys salivating en masse’. So, such vehicles don’t seem imminent, even though inevitable.  Or do they?

Government is a party to this development; its regulations and laws for the road must be accommodated. More, government wants such cars as soon as possible. Not, you may be sure, in every suburban garage, no. Not at all; government wants our garages empty, with us dependent upon government-supplied self-driving vars available on call.

Why? Because in that situation, our peregrinations are available to government as desired and even more compelling, our travel can be shut off at will if government so desires. Where is there a better tool for control of populations than that?  Citizens are returned to the days when they could move beyond foot travel only with government approval. Please note before commenting on our taste in tinfoil hats, that said government is pressing manufacturers to assure that all present new cars can be tracked by satellite.

Even though we retain our guns, government need not fear us if we are stuck at home.

A New York City Councilman wants to curb car ownership by 2030 in his city; those who have been there can hardly blame him. Could that progressive move be followed by a Driverless cars mandate? We have no idea, but are pretty sure that the idea will circulate.

Murphy’s famous law likely will assure that driverless cars will arrive; our car crash statistics will be hard to argue with. Sooner perhaps, than we expect. After all, increasing numbers of cities are already outlawing cars in their downtown areas and elsewhere.

While it may be a while, it may also be wise to keep an eye on developments – who wants to awaken some morning, stuck at home with a used car nobody wants anymore?

That’s probably – we hope – an exaggeration of reality. But it seems more likely that the integration of self-driving cars into society by politicians may differ from that which may result if citizens are  watching.


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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