Punishing Our Kids For Doing What They’re Taught?

Burning at the stake

Burning at the stake

American public schools have provided free condoms, referrals for free abortions (No parental approval required) coupled with anti-religious behavioral conditioning: A high school boy filmed the sex acts of a high school boy and girl; the three then posted the result on the internet.

They are now being prosecuted under legislation intended to protect them against adults exploitation. Legally, they created child porn. Current estimates expect jail time followed by probation, followed by living the rest of their lives as registered sex offenders. Does anyone see anything wrong with this?

A sociologist will observe that the penal system has lagged behind the general social mores; the kids are caught in the gap. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. With that, they can shrug off the personal cost their ‘Progressive social values’ have imposed upon three kids they’ve never met. An omelet requires breaking some eggs, right?

Meantime, three kids and a lot of their peers are left confused. They are told for years how to have sex, how to prevent consequences and how to deal with consequences when they aren’t prevented. So they, attaining or becoming victims of glandular development, pursue that which they have been taught and end in jail. Courtesy of something called the “Justice System.”  Add to that, the onus of their clearly horrible crime will blot their entire lives thereafter.

Society has held out a cookie in front of a child and when that child has reached for it, punished him for the rest of his life. In the name of justice.  What sort of a society is that?

Our species learned the cost of free sex millennia ago, our new indulgence is hardly the first nor will it escape the inevitable costs that we must ignore history to pretend do not exist. We will pay and we will deserve to pay for our presumption. For us, same old, nothing new. But to put our children int the jaws of this trap when they have no defense is unforgivable, seems to us. And that is what we are using public schools to accomplish.

The more successful the public schools prove to be at this, the more they produce targets for our recalcitrant legal system, one that we have allowed to lag the new direction and still act as if the old morality abides when it is in fact, long dead in fact. We indulge in destructive hypocrisy, to say the least. And kids like these poor slobs are the victims du jour.

Such a society is sick; it does not deserve to persist and it seems increasingly unlikely that it will, from where we sit.  Whether its salvation is possible, we leave to your judgement.


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2 Responses to Punishing Our Kids For Doing What They’re Taught?

  1. Yes! Sad but true. Combine the celebration and promotion of promiscuity and assorted unhealthy sexuality, with the shaming of anything positive, healthy, “normal” for lack of a better word.

    Little boys are being suspended for holding hands with a girl…sexual harassment. Virginity is portrayed as being a prude, a failure. Marriage is perceived as oppressive, the death blow of all sexuality. My point being, we shame and punish healthy sexuality while promoting assorted sexual perversions. Miley Cirus is dancing half naked with teddy bears and riding a wrecking ball while CSI is a parading a daily barrage of violent sex crimes right before our eyes. Everywhere you look there are pride parades and slutwalks. To even speak of “old-fashioned sex” between a man and a woman is either viewed as incredibly boring…or worse, oppressive and intolerant. Kids do not stand a chance in this environment.

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