When Will Murphy Take Over Obama’s Drones?

PredatorEdward Snowden told us of the NSA’s eavesdropping on us; a new leaker has provided details on President Obama’s assassination-by-drone program. For those seeking scandal, the main result will be the largely ignored numbers of perfectly innocent folk assassinated along with the targets. Secondarily, add the murky list of targets; a secret compendium of names that we have to assume, are there because the President – or his designates, want them dead. Never mind judicial review … Never mind as well, publicity afterwards. Do we hear of all such executions, do you suppose?

How will you feel when you hear that a President with this sort of power is suddenly interested in you? Or perhaps your knowledge of his interest will be conveyed by a missile. Any folk becoming interesting to our President who may inhabit Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and some parts of Central Africa should be considerate in selecting where they sleep. And perhaps in other places …

A question is: When a powerful politician keeps a stable of assassins, how can we be assured of his targets? Add that he is becoming known for using the IRS and the Sec ret Service against his political opponents? Hmnn … ?

Knowing that our President has birthed a large government assassination operation that has to be kept busy to justify its budget is not reassuring. Murphy comes o mind: His law, “What can happen, will happen.” is not only disconcerting here but also politically sound. Historically sound, too. No doubt there have been power hungry leaders who have foregone such opportunities, but have you heard of any of them? Can you name one?

Bu that bit of paranoid conspiriracythink is but one concern; we ask “Given the President’s success with drone assassinations, why haven’t we seen more from other sources? Drones are now standard military gear in many countries. Even ISIS uses them. How long will it be before they start attacking private targets for private purposes? We ask” Quick, effective, relatively cheap and very anonymous, what’s, if you want to off someone, is not to like? And unlike having to depend upon the reports of hit men, you can watch and record the event.

We suspect the relative obscurity of this subject to date will not last … And we recommend that President Obama exercise care with respect to where he plays golf on clear, sunny days. Or with today’s tech, even where he goes outside at night.


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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One Response to When Will Murphy Take Over Obama’s Drones?

  1. Rawclyde! says:

    And he has one million secret agents walking around the planet taking notes… I know, because I’m one of them… With a tail made of drones growing longer and longer behind me… Life! It’s so exciting!

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