Prez Obama Likes Guns … Just Not YOUR Guns …

Classic Assault Rifle

Classic Assault Rifle

Our President said in response to a question, that while Putin may be leading in Syria, He, President Obama is leading on climate change. He did not mention his evident current leadership on gun control but we doubt many would challenge his claim for that.

The first casualty of the gun control crusade is as usual in things political, truth. The overriding truth ignored on all sides stems from the writings of American Founders: The second Constitutional Amendment is not to provide us self – defense, though that is a result. No one seems willing to mention the fact, but we have protected gun rights as a follow – on to the provision in the Declaration of Independence that assumes for us the right to, if we are offended by our government, change it for another. We have rights to guns so that our government will never feel that it can ignore our wishes.  And that is of course, why our government dearly wishes to confiscate our guns.  On this issue, all else is secondary.

Newer Assault Rifle

Newer Assault Rifle

Of course, government does not wish to acknowledge that, so it downplays the Declaration of Independence and keeps the gun debate on self-defense vs. murder prevention. And it perverts the numbers, as you know if you have followed the link above. (And you can keep your doctor …)

Our politicians are, by this tactic, painted into a corner that prevents their addressing real, serious issues in much need of attention, a price of hypocrisy. Paid of course, by us rather than by the politicians.

One single stand – out factor among our recent mass shooters has been that they are nutcases. Less attention is paid to the fact that they have often shared  the same prescribed medication, one that is now under suspicion for negative psychological effects. But as worrying about that weakens the ant-gun push, it tends to be ignored.

Historically, we locked up nutcases regarded as dangerous. That was thought too expensive so they were all turned loose with medications to keep them from killing people. But the meds have side effects that annoy the patients, who often stop taking them as a result. Many of the recent mass shooters have been on these meds. Supposedly. But that takes the spotlight off the guns, so we don’t want to hear of it .

There is also a “Reality Sucks” factor in this. Our species has and continues to have a percentage of dangerous nuts who continue to kill their quota of innocents, one way or another. Famously “Lizzie Borden took an ax, gave her mother 40 whacks …” Deja vu all over again …

We couldn’t afford to lock up our nuts; now we are deciding whether we can afford not to lock them up. Or whatever. But we are keeping this debate out of sight to serve the governments’s anti-gun agenda. What sort of decision is likely from that?

This is an old issue, our Founders knew well what they did for that reason. Medieval serfs caught with a sword were condemned along the same lines. Now, our master want us unarmed and amenable. That alone ought to be frightening … but one recalls: “The Silence of the Lambs … ”

Demonization of guns continues with the coining of the term: “Assault rifle.” A rifle of any purpose is a long tube with a hole at one end, from which a bullet issues. For purposes of the anti – gun crowd, some must be more evil than others; in fact, all are neutral. Various designs suit various uses better or worse. Those that are more likely to help citizens hold off the government are those most equated with evil by the governors. The difference is really only a matter of caliber and magazine capacity as most guns now fire repeatedly.

The government, unchecked, would cut us back to single shot, black powder dueling pistols for a year or two, and then, to squirt guns. This drive will wax and wane but it will never disappear; it is the nature of government to demand unresisting citizens. And on the day that said citizens stop resisting, that is what the government will have attained.

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4 Responses to Prez Obama Likes Guns … Just Not YOUR Guns …

  1. Rawclyde! says:

    One solution I’ve heard lately is to assault the weapon-brandishing wanna-be killer with whatever is available ~ like, for example, throwing rocks or chairs or yourself at him. If the whole crowd threatened did this, it might work. This would be a more affective, but possibly more dangerous, mind-set than running. Taken a step further, a concealed-weapon’s license and a concealed weapon and knowing how to use it seems to be an even better solution. However, personally, I’ve never needed a gun for self-defense but once ~ and I think my broken arm was probably a lot easier to deal with than going to court would have been if I’d had a gun ~ and the little guy’s family, I wouldn’t have wanted them coming after me afterwards. He did spend a night in jail. And his girl friend didn’t have to put up with him for the rest of the night. That’s pretty good…

    Have you read the popular essay, A Nation Of Cowards, by Jeffrey R. Snyder? It’s a beautifully written essay on the topic that, if you haven’t read it, you can find riiiiiiight here:

    Yours truly ~

    • Jack Curtis says:

      What you say, fits will with reality, seems to me. I figure:

      1. The Founders assured us guns. They knew it wouldn’t be free, but approved the price to protect us from tyrannical government, a goal worth the price. 2. As you say, the guns shouldn’t come out unless a life is on the table. They are an ultimate measure. 3. I note that the Palestinians are killing Jews on the streets of Israel just now with knives but no one is yelling to prohibit sharp tools. 4. From there, more are now dying from cell phone distraction than from loose guns. But, though cell phones are a disposable convenience, no one is advocating saving lives by banning them.

      Truth: The banning of guns serves only government tyranny; the rest is hypocrisy. Or so it seems to me … as it seemed also to the Founders.

      • Rawclyde! says:

        As the debate canters along, I like to advocate guns not be banned but be treated like automobiles. Thus, a license would be required to carry or utilize such weaponry, and said instrument(s) would have to be registered through whatever state ye live in, and insured ~ just like an automobile. Anyone in possession without these three prerequisites could be legally disarmed.

        Now, isn’t that reasonable? And it’s more in line with the 2nd Amendment than anything the NRA pontificates ~ seeing as the 2nd Amendment happens to mention “a well regulated militia.”

        So, my fellow patriot, join my well-regulated militia! Be a real American! Advocate federally regulated guns thru the states ~ just like automobiles…

      • Jack Curtis says:

        Well … Don’t cars kill a lot more folk than guns? Aren’t cars confiscated at the state’s design? And aren’t car owners forced to subsidize bad drivers with insurance? And aren’t felons entitled to a drivers” license if they can pass the test or are illegal aliens? I guess that I need some time to consider that …

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