Israel: Dog Bites Man vs. Man Bites Dopg?

IsraelWe recall the old journalists’ measure: “If a dog bits a man, that’s not news. But if a man bites a dog, that’s news!” There seems a modern parallel between Arabs attacking Jews and vice versa.

Russians don’t like Jews and used to persecute them in pogroms. Europeans historically don’t like Jews. And again historically, Americans don’t like Jews either. Or Catholics, for that matter, until they elected John F. Kennedy president. (A paradigm for the election of Barack Obama.)

Hitler knew what he was doing when he selected Jews to blame for everything. That was well received, especially in Europe. Not so much when the death camps and mass starvation came out, but that was later. The bad press resulting created (Over many objectors), modern Israel.

The Brits blew it. They handed the no longer Turkish splinter of land to the Jews post WWII so as to look better than the Nazis who had killed some large numbers of Jews circa six million in death camps. The victorious Allies offered the survivors the bit of the Middle East taken from the Turks after WWI; a two-fer. It disposed of the inconvenient territory and helped get the surviving  Jews out of Europe while making the victorious Allies appear sincere.

As Israel is a tiny splinter of the area and as it is surrounded by murderous Arabs unwilling to tolerate neighboring Jews, all assumed that those Arabs would clean up the gesture by erasing the ‘gift’ immediately after it was made. But as so often, the damn Jews refused to cooperate: They organized and held their land in the face of it all. That infuriated the feckless Arabs and annoyed the Europeans who had planned otherwise. They were doubly annoyed in having to pretend that they were please by this. And the doubly-damned Jews rubbed it in, by thriving while developing a modern, rather prosperous democracy amidst Arab dictatorial squalor.

Fast forward: Israel is surrounded by enemy Arabs plus off to the side, enemy Iran, all Moslem. Israel is a modern state, surrounded by 7th century relics with modern guns and the aforementioned dictatorial squalor but for those sitting on oil. The oil helps with the squalor. Americans, if not American elites, have loved Israel. That has played no small part in its success against the odds it faced. And faces.

But now, a new American President has reversed the game. Barack Obama has switched from prior Middle East goals of his predecessors to side with, by all appearances, Iran. In doing that, he has abandoned Israel without admitting it. His actions do not lie with his words but with his acts, beginning with the new Iran Nuke Deal.

With Israel’s Big Brother U.S. departed, the “Palestinian”  Arabs stuck in Gaza and the West Bank are raising their game — again. They are only stuck there because, as deadly enemies, Israel can’t afford to let them in and the surrounding other Arabs won’t let t them in, either. While this plays out, these “Palestinians” continue to attack Israeli citizens with knives on the streets of Jerusalem and with missiles over the borders from Gaza and the West Bank. These have become regular and regularly unreported, events.

Periodically, Israel assuages its voters by going into the latter two places to clean out the missile launchers. As the locals resolutely shoot at these incursions, people are killed. The “Palestinians” resolutely fly to the U.N. asserting Israeli war crimes. (Never mind who attacked whom.)

But now, with an increasing Moslem minority in Europe, Jews are leaving in the face of rising anti-Semitism. The U.S. President has turned on Israel, if as yet refusing to admit that. But somme curious events are occurring.

Egypt and other Arab governments are quietly cooperating with Israel for their own advantage. (VERY quietly) Russia is cooperating with Israel over its Syrian incursion. (“he enemy of my enemy is my friend.”) About to be nukeworthy Iran is not cooperating so far as we know, still loudly and publicly committed to Israel’s non-existence.

In the face of all this, Jews escaping newly unfriendly places like Europe are fleeing to … Israel. Maybe they know something that we don’t know or perhaps they are just desperate. We don’t know.

Bit one simple thing puzzles us. Why is it that when Arabs shoot missiles into Israel and attack and kill Israelis on the streets of Jerusalem with knives, nobody notices, but when Israelis defend themselves, they are war criminals?

If we were running Israel, we would tell the surrounding Arabs: “For every missile that you send into Israel, we will send back two. If that doesn’t work, it will be raised to ten.”

We presume that the U.s. and Europe have nixed that sort of thing. But now that those worthies have abandoned the Jews, maybe it is time to consider it. With all prior allies turning their backs, what’s to lose?

That seems likely to be cheaper, easier and much less destructive to life and property than the periodic incursions into Gaza/ West BankLebanon have proven to be to date, in diminishing such attacks on Israel.

Of course, what do we know?

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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