If The Polls Make The Politicians, Who Makes The Polls? (An Election Is Just Another Poll)

PollsAn American political Rubicon lies before us unremarked: Donald Trump (anything but unremarked) as the Republican nominee. None of the Mighty have taken his ludicrous candidacy seriously; they have laughed and waited for him to disappear overnight as a bursting bubble. He has not cooperated. Now, the U.S. uniparty of Democrats/Republicans is – reluctantly – beginning to face reality. Trump actually represents real voters, altogether too many voters. That cannot e allowed. (Unless of course, it is fake.)

Any such uppity reaction was long since to have been precluded by the enormous investment in ‘public education’ intended to pacify the sheep into submission. The reaction to Trump resembles a wolf’s reaction to a flock of attacking sheep: as much incredulity as hostility. And of course, some fear as the impossible materializes in front of him. And a rising resolution: This Cannot Be Allowed! But, there it is.

An opportunity has opened with the dead-or-alive offer of $100 M by a Mexican drug lord for Trump’s delivery. Anyone succeeding in offing The Donald will now have cover. Which may be the point …

Back at the election though, a more mundane – and frightening – option exists. What keeps Trump politically alive? Simple: it it is the polls. Politicians today, live and die by the polls. (An election is another poll.) Unsurprisingly, they have noticed. So have  merchants, whose products live or die the same way.

That inevitably resulted in the creation of ‘push polls’ meant, not to determine public attitudes, but to brainwash the public into believing in non-existent public attitudes. That is, fake polls. There have long been two sorts of pollsters: Those intending to discover what the public thinks and those intended to guide what the public thinks. Politicians like to use the results from the first to steer their campaigns and the results of the second, for publication. So do advertisers.

We note that present government has prostituted the IRS, the Secret Service and the Department of Justice for its political purposes, using them to attack political opponents. That was supposed gone with the arrival of Civil Service. Yeah …

We note that government leaned on internet service providers to provide access to supposedly private communications for the NSA and others. Those service providers quietly complied; they need government approvals to exist. After Edward Snowden outed that, some of the providers belatedly became indignant. Uh huh …

We note that, when Viet Nam, Afghanistan and Iraq were not run to suit the U.S, they were invaded at great expense of human life and treasure. So, we ask a simple question:


(One may note the disappearance of historically inconvenient news outlets in recent decades … )

We offer no estimates, just the question. And we note that the only reason that Trump is remaining on top, is the polls. Were they to leak out from under him, he would disappear into that dark night of the unreported. Right?

So, two scenarios obtain: One, that the government has not yet succeeded in leaning upon the (unknown number) of  ‘honest’ polls. Two, that Trump is a deliberate uniparty creation, intended to deflect voter dudgeon with the apparatchiks. Reinforcing that, Trump was a Democrat and is today, not really a good Republican by the book.

If the day comes wherein all the polls agree that The Donald is done, we will have evidence of the first theory. If he rides triumphantly into U.S. leadership, we will assume the second. And of course, if things become so desperate that the drug lord’s reward is claimed, the Kennedy assassination will recede one more step into shrouded history. History replays as farce, and all that …

How can any writer of fiction compete with what we call reality?


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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