Alfred_E__NeumannOur weekly compendium of humanity’s feckless foibles:

Chinese participation in the Russian Syria intervention aopears to be fiction.  No matter, Putin seems poised to replace much US influence in the Middle East by himself, (Well, with Iran.) Syria is being called: “Obama’s Bay of Pigs.”

The free internet is going down? (Copyright laws will be used to stop linking to news stories?) Governments prefer obscure news sources to remain obscure, perhaps?

The Teamsters’ pension fund applied for reorganization; its assets are inadequate to pay the pensions of its 400,000 members. (Another casualty of the Fed’s wipeout of interest earnings?)

China has warned the US against allowing its ships near disputed islands in the South China Sea. (If Putin wins playing chicken with President Obama, why not China?)

A university dropped transgender bathrooms after peeping incidents. (Hard to be PC  and real both, sometimes … )

Homosexuality is predictable by DNA examination in 70% of cases, per report. (So those insisting that it’s a personal choice are down to 30%?)

The International Monetary Fund warned that a world financial crisis is impending.  (We know that, you know that; why don’t the media and US politicians know?)

Federal workers earn 78% more on average than do private sector workers.  (Cato Institute study)

A Student (unarmed) wearing a gas mask and a raincoat drew a SWAT team, arrest and suspension at her high school. (Hmnn … they didn’t report what she was wearing under the raincoat … )

A Mexican drug lord is said to be offering $100 M for Trump, dead or alive. (Great cover for one of Hillary’s hitmen … or the Prez!)

Day care for children costs more than rent or tuition in 31 states. (See? We NEED Planned Parenthood!)

Healthcare costs for retirees  are spiking.(Insurance premiums) (Obamcare received a large shift of funds from Medicare … )

Cosby: 27 accusers appeared on a on TV show. (Someone with time and money hates ol’ Bill? This is sure looking organized …)

A new California ‘Fair Pay’ law may chase business out of the state. Any male-female pay gap will be presumed illegal unless the employer can prove a non-gender basis. (Who’s happiest, girls or lawyers?)

A Drone was shot down by a man who said that it watching his wife. (And what was SHE wearing?)

The new (post emissions test scandal) Volkswagen CEO warned of post-scandal impending cuts with massive layoffs. (When you have lemons, make lemonade?)

A UN-Climate “Oops!” An Australian mathematician has found a large error in the UN’s climate model. (Wanna bet whether this turns up on the news?)

Chicago ‘s violent September was the worst in 13 years.

Uber was attacked in London by the Mayor who is defending the traditional taxis. Meanwhile, an armed robber tried to use Uber as a getaway car.

A man in a suitcase tried to smuggle himself through an airport.

In Israel, Violence rises as Palestinians attack Jews in Jerusalem and the West Bank. (But you won’t hear much until a Palestinian is injured by a Jew.)

An EU majority wants opt-out provision against Genetically Modified crops. (The new Luddites seem not to know that nearly all crops have been genetically modified for centuries, that there is no record of any harm and that GM grains especially have infiltrated almost everywhere and can’t be segregated, if our reading is accurate.)

Will   Passports be required to board domestic flights for residents of 5 states?

A naked man bathing in the Neptune fountain was arrested by Capitol police.  (A clean bust, anyway … )

And so another week wanders off …


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