Will the Open Borders Bring Political Change?

A chill wind is blowing...

A chill wind is blowing…

Mars dwellers by now (if any) must be aware of the mass migration from the Middle East and Africa into Europe. Of whom has funded and organized it, not so much. Of the developing split between European governors and voters, more daily. The E.U. government is not elected and so insulated from the E.U. voters. It knows what is good for them whether or not wanted.

Mass immigration is unwanted by those who must pay for it as their own children’s futures are increasing ly uncertain. But the rulers worship at different altars: Compassion for the desperate on one hand and cheap labor on the other. Nothing that, if you are an E.U. politician, it is not your own money you are giving away.

But the local national governments must face voters; their reactions can’t be so independent.  British poll said the voters will leave Europe over the refugees issue. The E.U. right is being empowered in some places, notably Marie Le Pen in France.

Human nature assures that in these circumstances, some number of desperately needy arrivals will be received in charity; some larger and thereby more demanding number will be seen as an invasion to be resisted … to the death, if necessary.

In Europe, when an existing political party loses its hold of the voters, a new party rises to represent their desires and if it represents a majority, takes power. It is an upsetting but stabilizing regime; upsetting to entrenched political interests but stabilizing to the overall body politic, for it provides an orderly path for political changes on short notice.

In the United States two-party system, the voters are provided a choice whenever the incumbents annoy too many but as the two represent only the two extremes of the same political stream, it cannot provide for a massive gulf in the body politic. Where in Europe a new party would pop into existence, in the U.S. that is if not impossible, at least massively unlikely as local laws and the system both obstruct it.

Thus we see the Democrats torn between Hillary Clinton and Socialist Bernie Sanders with others warming up in the wings while Republicans are racked upon over a dozen choices with the leader, Donald Trump, a self-appointed thorn in the side of the  GOP establishment.

As the two ends of the same political entity, neither party will anoint an extreme or independent representative without thereby committing political suicide, at least so far as the incumbent leadership is concerned. So, the world and an uncounted number of Americans laugh or shake their heads. What a lame way to govern! But such is the system.

What it amounts to, is repudiation of European instant legitimizing of political fads in favor of holding them off until one reaches such a gale force that it destroys one of the two parties and supplants it, under the cover of carrying on the same institutional name. One follows the winds of change willy nilly; theo other steers a straighter course at a cost of preserving outdated policies longer. Both have pros and cons aplenty.

But at the moment in the United States and in Europe, the developing split being widened by opposing policies between the leaders and the voters seems to be inviting some political gear-shifting on a substantial scale.

It is fun to watch, if you can stand back far enough.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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