GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannNiblets of news for your amazement, amusement, consternation or confusion …

The Umpqua,  Oregon shooter was a British born black man, facts known at once but still unreported to many. (Maybe ‘journalism’ needs a new definition?)

A Palestinian killed 2 Israelis and wounded a toddler in Jerusalem. This is chronic; so are rockets shot into Israel by Palestinians. (Why is that never newsworthy?)

The FCC chief called for regulation of Uber, Airbnb. (Can’t have big business outside government control, eight?)

Daimler (The parent of Mercedes) is testing a self-driving truck on German highways. (Betcha: When these cars arrive, you won’t own one. You will be allowed to call one, but to own none.) Any takers?

The Secret Service appears to have targeted GOP lawmakers as the IRS targeted GOP donors. The Director’s role in leaking scandalous information seems hard to pin down.  (Is this ‘corruption?’)

 Recognition of familiarity has been controlled in rats’ brains by scientists. A new prosthesis will help people with memory loss. (We are taking our tinfoil hats a bit more seriously, of late.)

Easy gene manipulation is here and no less dangerous than nukes. (But a lot easier to get hold of, right?)

Clinton and Fiorina agree that a ‘no fly’ zone should be set in Syria. (Did these paragons of foreign policy intend Russians shoot down Americans, or vice versa?)

Des Plains, IL has been sued by the Department of Justice over denial of a zoning change to build a Moslem religious center. (“Love thy enemy” arising to new heights … )

A Foreign policy shifted as the U.S. Navy will patrol areas of Chinese encroachments in the south China Sea. (But never mind Russian encroachment in Ukraine and the Middle East.)

Jobs are up 14,000 for those foreign born; down 262,000 for natives. (Strange that the unions haven’t figured this out?)

No Fed interest rate rise, per forecast. US economy stalling.  Markets are back at panic levels. (The Fed was blamed for 1929; it is trying to duck a repeat. Given that absolving the Fed puts blame on Congress, good luck with that!)

Syria is now a gift to Iran from Russia with President Obama’s tacit (but plausibly deniable) blessing.

A new ‘rectenna’ provides DC current from light. (IF this holds up – and scales up – this will be BIG!)

Moslems have demanded the resignation of Lewiston. Maine’s Mayor for asking them to assimilate. (“Let him who has ears to hear … )

Global cooling has been discovered; thought to overcome global warming.  German/French research announced.(As this is serious science, not politics, it won’t turn up on the news, we suspect.)

WARNING: It’s Time to Take Your Gold Out of the U.S.

A Nobel laureate Economist was kicked off an overbooked flight for having the cheapest ticket. (“Physician, heal thyself … )

Over 50 were shot for a second Chicago weekend. (See how gun control works …)

A dog  drove a truck into a lake.

A rocky forecast now questions ‘recovery.’ (If you believe we are recovering, how would you like to own a really cheap bridge?)

A new battery design offers promise for solar, wind energy storage. (It sure does … if it is more real than our ‘recovery.’)

Medicare has paid $30 M for ambulance rides lacking supporting records. (Suppose that might relate to why none can afford healthcare?)

Research has found that washing dishes may relieve stress. (You decide.)

Hastert: Ex House Speaker mulling plea deal. (Or can he stall until a GOP president takes charge?)

NBC was caught manipulating results of a poll.

Israel continues to face Arab rock throwers and missiles. (And that continues not to be news, right?)

Women, straight virgins without experience of males are buying kids via in-vitro fertilization. (A new take on single mothers)

Anti-cholesterol statin drugs accelerate aging per new research.

The Berkeley library was shut down by bedbugs.

A naked, bloody teen wandering L.A. streets was a schizophrenic on meth, his mom said. (Where will we hear of him next?)

Thus escapeth another week, running for its life.


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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