Once, There Was A Thing Called: NEWS … (Now, We Must Manage With Opinions)

JournalismWe point out from time to time, that we don’t know much. Also that we aren’t thereby precluded from holding opinions. That seems to us to require a certain arrogance so we leave room for any other opinions readers might care to express politely. Here, agreement is subservient to facts and logic.

This viewpoint leaves us with a lot of questions unanswered but often enough, we can’t answer our own questions. Some of those include:

  1. Why are we listening to media news masticating an Oregon shooting by an obvious nutcase wherein the newsfolk lavish time over a paucity of facts? The less they seem to know, the more they seem to talk. Why?
  2.  Important stories include the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the economic collapse in Venezuela, Argentina and and other places plus the disintegration of society in much of Africa; why are they utterly invisible?
  3. The U.S. economy and most of those world wide, being now a single market, are shrinking in media silence. Why?
  4. Why don’t we know how things are in Canada (recession) and Mexico?

Has the entire U.S. news machine morphed into a gigantic propaganda project? Telling us what the governors want us to know or can’t prevent our learning while obscuring whatever interferes with their goals?

You decide.

We obtain our information mostly from the internet, prowling obscure sites and cross-checking for assurance. We note that the Federal government has now asserted regulatory authority over that internet, leaving us to wonder how much longer we will find our obscure news sources there. We are cynical, perhaps.

Our habitual two glasses of wine at dinner seem to help, acting as something f an anesthetic. They don’t make things better, but easier to tolerate. On occasion, we consider a third glass but as yet, nothing has been that difficult. Maybe, when we find out whom we have in our wisdom have elected President a year from November, that third glass will suggest itself. Or not.

We love that Donald Trump is infuriating all of the power elites by speaking out what they want ignored. We love a bit less the various populist policies that Trump presents as solutions to the real issues that he identifies. We cannot imagine any current Congressfolk passing his nostrums. While we would not miss our current Congressfok, we doubt that they will all be suddenly replaced. That would be nice, but seems unlikely to us.

Parsing Syria: For Obama, its a chance to expand an Oregon mass shooting into a gun control pitch, pluscover for his deal with Putin, intended to keep Syria in Iran’s orbit. For Putin, it’s a chance to appear on the world stage as a savior from ISIS of all those Arabs he doesn’t himself kill in the process. Plus to support his local ally, Iran. For the Arabs, another opportunity to rage at the perfidy of the U.S, siding with their ancient Persian enemy. And for Iran, a good laugh at the stupidity of the infidel, so effectively defeating himself for Iran’s benefit.

As we started: We know nothing but have nevertheless, opinions. Worth every penny that you pay for them …

Your opinions are welcome, too. (You have every right to be wrong!)


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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One Response to Once, There Was A Thing Called: NEWS … (Now, We Must Manage With Opinions)

  1. “Has the entire U.S. news machine morphed into a gigantic propaganda project?”


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