GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__Neumann Our Saturday collection:

In the UK, a Junior doctors’ strike over new contract hours and pay is telling. (Wasn’t medicine once a profession?)

Thousands marched in Dublin to demand abortion. (Why is Pope Francis wasting his time in the U.S?)

An 83 year old man was brutally attacked and hospitalized in Santa Ana, CA. No known motive. (It was a parking lot; did he beat the attacker to a parking spot?)

Cheap, safe nuclear fusion? (If this is real, it dwarfs most advances short of immortality!)

With its military now in Syria, Russia threatened to shoot down Israeli jets if they interfered with Hezbollah arms deliveries to Lebanon. (What will happen when Hezbollah uses them to attack Israel?)

A priest was criticized from all directions for terming homosexuality a ‘disorder.’ (You best not disrespect gays nor Moslems for killing gays, right?)

A $100 million failure … Mark Zuckerberg’s (Facebook) gift to improve New Jersey public schools was spent while at the schools, nothing happened.  (But Zuckerberg bought himself a Liberal education … )

A teen who defended a blind classmate from a bully was suspended from school. (No good deed goes unpunished.)

The game of “Tag” is banned by the Mercer Island, WA school district, to protect the emotional and physical health of students. (Aw … Couldn’t they just make the kids walk and say “Please?”)

The US decline on the world economic freedom index is thought worrisome. (Why? If you look around, the U.S. is just showing leadership!)

The Palo Alto library closed temporarily in response to a bedbug infestation. (Palo Alto? Stanford students? Surely not!)

Volkswagen  replaced its CEO over faked diesel emissions testing. (Who will be replaced for faked Iranian nuclear testing?)

A white teacher filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against a New York school district. (What happens before a black judge? A white Judge? Are any green judges available?)

Russia has developed a robot cockroach spy. (They’d never succeed in the housewife era, but now … )

Seattle is considering a new law that will provide for unionizing Uber/Lyft drivers. (The cabfolk strike again …)

World Finance Reality explained by Zerohedge for those who follow the money.

 Los Angeles plans to assign $100 M to helping the homeless with housing and services. (Magic money? Last we heard, the city didn’t know how it would pay its pensions … )

The ‘Natural State of Man’ is one of poverty, scarcity and conflict. (So, how does electing a government of men alter that?)

The EU voted to distribute 120 thousand ‘refugees’ around Europe. (The hundreds of thousands pouring North must be invisible somehow … )

The US Immigrant population  has grown by 2.4 million since 2010, reaching a record 42.4 million foreign-born residents. (They are now some 13% of us and hold 16.5 percent of the jobs.)

Night owls ‘ DNA differs from that of early risers. (A DNA test before marriage?)

A Fair Pay law recently passed in California  to end the ‘gender pay gap’ is expected to proliferate lawsuits but results are hard to predict. (Hard for plaintiffs, perhaps but not for those interested n lawyers’ incomes.)

Moslems marched through Denmark streets demanding a caliphate. (How human –flee what you can’t stand, then demand the same where you end up.)

49% see the federal government a threat to people’s rights and freedom per a Gallup poll. (Well, somebody’s got to do it, right?)

A teen was prosecuted as an adult for naked photos of himself on his phone. (But he could kill his inconvenient baby if he were pregnant, right?)

Armed drones are the industry’s  latest headache. (‘Looking up’ takes on a whole new reality … )

Corruption is widespread in government per 75% of a Gallup poll. (Somebody noticed?)

A naked man was arrested in Charleston after he escaped his car by knocking out a rear window under the river.  (You mean avoiding drowning isn’t clothing optional?)  Who knew? Maybe he shouldn’t have gone shopping after?)

And so flees another week, in fear for its life.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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1 Response to GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

  1. “Thousands marched in Dublin to demand abortion.” I bet most of those demanding abortion had already been born.

    “Corruption is widespread in government per 75% of a Gallup poll.” How big was the rock that the other 25% have been living under?

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