How Many ‘Guests” Does It Require To Become ‘Invaders?’

BedouinA high E.U. official is said to worry over the Union’s stability under the influx of of aliens pouring into Europe. That is only sensible; the E.U. like the U.S. is split between those whose agenda is served by welcome and those with too much to lose.

From one side we hear of desperate, impoverished parents with hungry children; from the other, of aggressive arrivals demanding what they need. Always hovering unsaid is Islam, that has previously invaded Europe and still occupies chunks of it. Chunks that remain stubbornly poor and that somehow, seem to attract few refugees.

All this is politicized quite dishonestly of course, as a conflict between due charity and selfishness, with starving kids to illustrate. That is arrant propaganda, though perfectly true. Therein lies the problem. Given human history, it will not remain a problem too long, never mind the kids.

First, the flood comes out of the migrants’ inability to govern themselves. Had they a stable civilization, this sort of self-destruction would not have been endemic for over a millennium. The ‘refugees’ are demanding that a peaceful and financially strained (also its own doing) Europe succor them. Whether that much will satisfy is open to question; a bunch of the refugees demonstrated in Denmark, demanding a Caliphate there.

On the other hand, they are refugees in truth and kids are indeed hungry. Most of these folk were not involved in the war at home but are fleeing it. (Never mind that many danced in the streets when the World Trade Center fell.)

The E.U. leaders want all the cheap labor they can stuff into Europe; knowing that present high labor rates are not competitive in the world market. But they can’t say that. The citizens who are living in a declining economy want no cheap competitors for jobs nor ever increasing taxes to support them nor the accompanying cultural clashes with cars burned at night.

We recall an Arab legend of a Bedouin and his camel discussing who gets use of the tent. One refugee at your front door is charity; three might be a strain and 50, an invasion ending with you dispossessed.

Should the E.U. leaders remain mired in their welcome mat, to be paid for by others, the fear of Union dissolution could be prophecy. Local politicians closer to the action will have to protect their constituents or at least, appear to try.

The E.U. needs to stop sucking its collective thumb and act: The borders must be closed, the flows managed and the quantities rationally determined and imposed. Yes, that will not save everyone in need but neither will dumping destructive numbers onto otherwise stable places, destabilizing them along with the migrants.

In the end, how many Europeans should be sacrificed because the Moslems can’t govern themselves? That is the real, if highly unpleasant, bottom line.

Or so it seems to us …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to How Many ‘Guests” Does It Require To Become ‘Invaders?’

  1. Pete says:

    The EU sat back last year as the US borders were overrun and smile to themselves, now they have a taste of what we were/are going through. For a while though the EU leaders and obama shared the same philosophy let them come and we will figure out how to pay for the problem later. However unlike obama those EU leaders are now facing the obvious…. a cheep supply of labor but a total loss of national identity.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Seems to me you’ve put your finger on a hot button: The ‘leading
      elites’ include quite a few who approve dumping national identities to
      ease the way toward a single world government …

      I doubt they’re near a majority among our ;leaders’ but they seem
      significant. Too, we have to add those you mention who care only about
      the cheap labor. I wonder how long it will take those who have to pay
      to organize and act?

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