The Greatest Show of All …

RingmasterThe Pope is in the United States denying that he is a left wing liberal politician while decrying global warming and in that English-speaking place, saying Mass in Spanish. President Obama dutifully invited him to the White House to meet with several apostates engaged in attacking Catholic doctrine — perhaps as a warmup for the upcoming visit of Israel’s Netanyahu at the invitation of not the President, but rather of Congress. Our Prez will doubtless invite HIM to a nice ham sandwich lunch. Such is diplomacy in our Obama age, in which we correct all the awful American historical imperialism by sucking up to our enemies and giving our friends single digit salute. This is called an improved and corrected foreign policy. ¬†Given the realities, it may well be.

Along with all this, we are watching the fake reality TV infotainment media masquerading as the heirs of hard news as they present an American presidential election in one minute sound bites under spotlights directed by first, ratings and second, poll results. Polling unacceptably in an increasing lead is an attention-seeking political outsider who parades waving populist flags wholly anathema to his political betters as though he had some right to pursue America’s top job against the wishes of the anointed.

The President is criticized for vacations and golf while he uses Executive Orders for Hope and Change; the Great White Hope Hillary of women everywhere is trying desperately to remind U.S. women why they love her so much but seems herself to have forgotten, somehow.

In Syria, Russia’s reincarnate Tsar Putin the 1st is saving the world from ISIS as the wimpy West has not, a handy distraction from his invasion of Ukraine and a useful cover for the reality that he is in Syria to rescue his client dictator Assad and to support Iran against the Oily Arabs who have so inconveniently lowered the oil price. Putin the Savior!

The Federal Reserve stands upon a high window ledge, looking down at the crowd gathering below and wondering when she will jump, while a gusty wind that will clear that ledge regardless approaches. While eyes are on la Fed, central banks around the world labor unpublicized, counterfeiting in full career.

In England, the first truly immortal Queen soldiers on to protect her realm from an aging King-in-waiting who might pass as a nephew of the Pope were he susceptible to Catholicism. But that would be a far cry even for Charles, who seems susceptible to nearly all else.

It is all a wonderful show, now in its newest and grandest albeit rather repetitive performance. We can hardly wait to discover how it all turns out!

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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1 Response to The Greatest Show of All …

  1. Short Little Rebel says:

    Jack, thanks for this article. Please come and read my recent article on this pope. I took the time to read his 82 page ENCYCLICAL LETTER, his Vatican speech from June 2014 and Pope Benedict XVI’s 2011 “Note on the reform of the international financial and monetary systems”. I have taken direct quotes, fully sourced and linked, that prove that both popes are directing all Catholics and Christians in the world to work toward a One World government. He calls Christians like us ‘obstructionists’ and that we are selfish and don’t care about the poor. He is basically marginalizing us and calling all religions to come into the Catholic fold. He has already ‘forgiven’ all homosexuals and given the green light of forgiveness to abortion. Now, he is calling for one world government under the guise of global warming. He is handing “God” and forgiveness to all the liberals and progressives, giving them everything their hearts desire. I mean, who doesn’t want to keep their sin AND have the love and forgiveness of everlasting God too? This is every human being’s dream. Jack, we are on the brink of the Mark. I am not kidding. We Christians better be pulling up our big boy and girl pants because the rubber is hitting the road. People will either listen or they won’t. But we had better get our houses in order. Please come and get my article. It’s not a conspiracy anymore when you have the words and documents to prove it. My article proves it- not that anyone cares anymore.

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