Europe’s Refugees Match Hoarded Cats (But Politicians Aren’t Dotty Old Ladies)

Refugee Cats

Refugee Cats

‘Cat hoarding’ is a symptom occasionally shown by dotty old women, for some reason not obvious to us. The victim collects and houses cats, even into the hundreds, usually indoors and without regard for the quality of her own living among them. Such poor folk are farther gone into senility than is obvious to those unaware of conditions inside the dwelling. It is a sad pass for any human to reach.

In its usual compassion, local government, once apprised of this, normally confiscates the cats, handing them to the ‘animal welfare’ department, which will, as cats are in surplus, kill them. The hoarder will be left sans companions in many cases, no better off and arguably worse. She (They are most often female) may be cited and fined. Government is always there to solve our problems with its compassion, right? In fairness to government though, what else can it do?

This puts us in mind of the current European refugee ‘crisis.’ While cats cannot be blamed for their nature, Moslem refugees are merely reflecting their resolute refusal to tolerate each other’s differences with Sunni killing Shia and vice versa for millennia. They cling to ideologies that prevent them from doing so. They are fleeing then, what they have insisted upon creating. Few of them see this, but there it is. Rather hard on kids, that. So be it!

Suddenly after years of filing into refugee camps near their borders, the efugees are piling into Europe at great expense and disruption. Why this, now? Who has organized it? (For it appears organized) and where are the funds empowering it originating? We have no idea, but we wonder.

Two motives for this appear in Europe: One is economic, the other, political. The crass but realistic economic motive is simple: European labor cannot compete in world markets; it must be cheapened. That’s pretty basic economics, if a bit grim. And the Noble Leaders of Europe include a number now dedicated to world peace via a single world government, an idea that depends upon breaking up social cohesion to permit a uniform world population that will be needed for such a government to exist. Pretty far out, you say? Yes … and so are some of our wise leaders.

The rubber hits the road though, where the real, live ‘refugees’ land in quantity. They are demanding their due as taught to them by the folk who stimulate the movement: free medical are, adequate food and shelter, free schools for their kids etc. Meanwhile, back at reality, E.U. countries are running on borrowed and or printed money before these new demands hit.

What happens when he political immovable object is hit by the politically irresistible force? How long will unemployed workers watch cheaper immigrants living several families to an apartment outbid them for work? How long will they accept the catering for new votes from their own politicians? It’s an explosive mixture even before the intolerant Moslem attitudes are tossed into the mix.

Resurgent oppositions will leap up to take the side of the locals to new applause. Organized street thuggery will proliferate, put together and funded by powerful interests. Opportunistic politicians (There’s another sort?) will leap upon the opportunities. The blood spilled and money lost will come from ordinary folk, though.

The same pattern is for the same reasons, forming in the U.S. with much less of the Moslem complication. The government is doing its best to increase Moslem arrivals, but it’s costly and difficult at the greater distance.

Two questions come up to us and obviously to few others:

  1. Why did Europe and the U.S. kick the Middle Eastern ants’ next into chaos in the first place when it was relatively stable, if unpleasant?
  2. Why does government in both places insist upon reducing their economies to the lest common denominator instead of continuing the previously enriching policy of world economic leadership by producing what none else can provide?

Seems to us, Europe and the U.lS. might be better off after considering the answers to those qwuestions. If you can find the chance, you might inquire of your politicians …

OPINION: Refugees Migrating Into Europe

Desperate people escaping the results of their actions and attitudes with the intention of inflicting themselves, problems intact, upon others who have their own problems, also unsolved.




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