Alfred_E__NeumannOur picks from the recent past, very and not very significant:

Secretary of State Kerry said that Syria’s Assad must go. (As Putin has dealt himself in, Russia must agree … now, we only await Assad’s agreement.)

Meanwhile, Russia is setting up a military base in Belarus. (Ukraine’s situation is doubtless convincing …)

A Sovereign Debt Crisis is forecast, variations described. (Details of the coming inability of the U.S. and European inability to repay their oversized debts.) Note too that the Next financial crisis can’t be fixed by government.  (Who says government has fixed the last one?)

UK Scientists will use genetically altered human embryos in their work. (Designer babies , aborted failures and unintended consequences arriving soon … )

Prosecution of global warming skeptics by Obama was requested by a scientists. (No doubt the appropriate penalty will be burning at the stake.)

While the fires are being set up, NOAA temperature fraud accelerates?

Hand sanitizer is becoming the kid’s libation of choice, per a Poison Center warning. (Alcohol!)

The Feds are claiming a need to read Americans’ e-mail without a warrant. (Hmnn … and a microphone installed in every home will be Fed accessible when?)

Will Governor Jerry ‘Moonlight’ Brown sign the California bill that permits high school graduation after failing the exit exam? (Will said exit exam be found to be ‘racist?’)

A Robotic Restaurant has opened in San Francisco; no people.(The minimum wage is $12.25 and rising.)

Britain is being urged to ban ‘creepy’ sex robots. (The old inflatable, life-sized dolls weren’t creepy enough?)

Is Trump the GOP’s version Obama? (Do Americans now want a political savior instead of the freedom to save themselves?)

An FCC Commissioner : Free content such as music may violate the new net neutrality rule. (Now that the government is regulating the previously free internet.)

Moslem Immigrants The US admits some 280,000 annually. (Based upon some 1,400 years of history, an unchanging percentage of these will be aiming at jihad. E.g. Minneapolis/St. Pau’sl Large local Somali enclave produces arrests for ISIS support.)

Global Recession has begun, we are informed. (Well, yeah … since 2008.)

Parking spaces in Manhattan and San Francisco are reaching the $1 M range per this report. (Good that here is no inflation!)

The Economic freedom  List has dropped the US to 16th, behind Canada and China. (C’mon … We’re free to do anything that the government tells us!)

Deutsche Bank will lay off 23,000 workers. (That should assist the economic recovery … of the bank.)

Federal tax collections have hit a record $19,346 per U.S. worker.(Noting that the median U.S. wage  is $30,176 … )

A Drone was shot down at a Senator’s fundraiser. (How long before a drone shoots down a Senator?)

The Media suddenly notice that Brazil and Argentina are failing. China too.(Selling off US Treasuries for cash)

A naked woman  was rescued from the ocean 3 miles off Newport Beach, CA.(She claimed to have been swimming for 16 hours.)

With that, our week has, unlike the clearly buoyant woman, sunk into the past.  We hope that it was sufficient reward for your time.


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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