Sports, Government, Drugs … And People (Plus a Fast Horse)

Sports DrugsMan, proud man we were told by Shakespeare, performs such tricks before high heaven as make the angels weep. We know no angels to ask but our own observation seems enough when the subject is drugs.

Two sorts of outlawed drugs come to mind: recreational and performance-enhancing. The former are used by, not you and I (or at least, our kids) of course, but by many, most especially celebrities. The latter are used with rather less publicity, by sports hero, heroines and transcelebrities. Even more unlike you and I, those are paid millions; we on the other hand, should expect if detected, to go to jail.

The disposition of drug charges these days seems to us to depend more  upon who one is than upon what one may be doing. No doubt w are cynical.Sports Drugs2

Master cyclist  Lance Armstrong went down before the testimony of his opponents sans direct evidence never mind that all knew that the top tier of cycling all depended upon performance enhancing chemicals and treatments such as blood doping. His lynching did nothing to stem that tide. The semi-human monsters of the NFL (National Football League) are watched every Fall without curiosity as to where such specimens originate. And has anyone actually LOOKED at a photo of tennis star Serena Williams? It seems to us highly likely that, given the dollars involved, few top rank professions big bucks athletes are free of chemically and medically enhanced performance where that is availble. Human nature seems to guarantee it. So do performance records.

These folk are held up to the plaudits of the multitudes and paid millions for their efforts; you and I are arrested for a puff of pot. Is there something wrong with this picture? Wrong, yes because it is inconsistent and hypocritical. But then, so is human nature; it should come as no surprise. That’s how our species is made and has always been, so far as we know.

It may help to recall that the ancient Greeks stopped the original Olympics in response to among other things, corruption. We restarted them only in 1894, almost half a millennium later. Perhaps we should have though twice; we note that a group in the U.K. is pushing for genetically modified human embryos …  Noting that other folk disdain genetically modified food as “Frankenfoods” we wonder how human embryos from  these intrepid folk will be described? And especially, that with genetic modification in sight, mere drug enhancement will quickly seem child’s play by comparison.

That of course, is your classic “slippery slope,” right?

That should but likely will not, we suppose, underline the hypocrisy in sending poor folk to jail for smoking pot while paying the wealthy chemo-athletes millions for their respective habits. But that is how it is.

Given that entrenched corruption in humanity – for that is what it is – our final question is: “How can anyone shill for human government as a solution to the human condition with a straight face?” Such is after all, the source of these contradictory laws.

We planned to end this with a tip on the winner at an upcoming horse race but unfortunately, its trainer was just jailed for using illegal performance-enhancing drugs on the horse. The beast’s owner denied any knowledge, of course.


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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