Why Are Refugees Now Managing Europe?

AntsRefugees from Islamic violence now number in millions, most of them Moslems.  They have been piling up in Turkey and in the less violent neighboring countries for years, many in refugee camps with poor conditions, The U.N. does what it can. The fighting is destroying homes and businesses, people are being killed and even more are starving. And they are now descending on Europe.

The politicians are heavily involved at both ends of the flow. Syria’s dictator represents a minority Islamic sect and is happy to rid himself of as many opponents as he can manage. Islamic rebels are happy to destabilize things as a load on government they oppose. All people can do is flee.

In Europe, leftist leaders welcome the arrivals to preserve their records as humanitarians and perhaps to help reduce the cost of European labor to compete at world levels. The right is seizing the opportunity to object to the sacrifices the influx forces onto the locals. And the media propagandize it all with photos of drowned kids. It is mass human misery on display under amplification.

All the displays serve various folks’ purposes; this crisis is certainly not being wasted by any politicians. And as always, the citizens will pay.

So what is the reality underneath it all?

  1. The common denominator for the refugees is the cold fact that they share a common religion that has prevented them from governing themselves in peace. That has remained unchanged for over a thousand years.
  2. Western political leaders do not want to dwell on this since Western meddling has done much to destabilize the entire area, leading to the current mess.
  3. An unpleasant reality lies in the fact that Europe cannot afford the masses trying to enter; too many E.U. economies simply cannot support so many in current economic conditions.
  4. Add the universal human tendency to alter surroundings to fit; masses of alien Moslems are a threat as well as an irritant to European cultures. And Moslems do not integrate easily. Wherever possible, they insist that others alter for them. Islam is not a tolerant belief.

The result is that what starts as refugees needing charity is liable to end or at least to be perceived as an invasion. Nor is this new to history. Loading too many strangers upon the hard earned resources of people ultimately is destabilizing as conflict begins over the limited resources.

So political leaders should be planning and enforcing published quotas for all to see. And they should be realistic. Nor should they be open ended; there should be time limits used,

Some will howl, pointing to hungry children. Pointing will not provide the resources those children need, nor will confiscating them from locals, depriving local children instead. In the U.S. far too many folks live from paycheck to paycheck; how many refugees can they support for long?

The Arabs whose Islam underlies so much of this refuse any significant number of refugees; they have refused their Palestinian cousins since Israel was founded. But they expect Europe to relieve them of the load.

It is a full scale human tragedy but its solution lies in peaceful living conditions in Moslem lands, not in destabilizing Europe. The massive arrival is already forcing the reimposition of national borders within the E.U. That is a big step backward for European integration. It is also exacerbating mutual resentments between Europeans and their new arrivals. Violence is just waiting.

European leaders must get up and lead by visibly taking control and managing the flow, or watch things come apart. They don’t have a lot of time to act.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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  1. annj49 says:

    Thanks for this viewpoint…..

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