GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYet another week having somehow escaped, here is your serving of excerpts:

Saudi Arabia’s anti-American shale oil production giveaway of nearly free oil seems to work; shale production activities are declining. (Good for consumers)

Chinese GDP Data are expected to show economic progress (or else …)

The Secretary of the Navy rejected a Marine report that found women performed more poorly than men in combat roles. (Another Marine General about to retire?)

Personal fitness trainers are being regulated by Washington, D.C. (So the cost of fitness will rise, to protect us against … what, flabby trainers?)

Automatic Emergency Braking will be added to new cars by regulators. Your new car will decide when an emergency stop is required so that you won’t have to. (Driving should become more interesting …)

Islam’s holiest mosque saw 65 killed and 154 hurt as a crane fell upon the Islamic world’s holiest place, housing the Kaaba. In response per report, to a lightning strike. (Is Allah known to throw lightning bolts?)

Science: 22% of Americans confuse astronomy with astrology. (More than that confuse credit cards with wealth.)

A thespian robot  has applied for membership in the Screen Actors’ Guild. (Why not? We see wooden actors, don’t we?)

Brazil’s credit rating at Standard and Poor is now ‘jumk.’ (Wonder what the U.S. rating would be if S&P were out of government reach?)

Saudi Arabia won’t take Syrian and Libyan refugees but has offered to build 200 mosques in Germany. (Note that the Arab countries rave refused the Palestinians, too.)

The CA Assembly has approved an assisted suicide bill to protect doctors. (Ok, we off nascent babies, now sick people, but the murderers are till protected from death sentences … )

Former Fed Chairman Greenspan: “Debt, deficits and entitlement programs are coming to a head in a few months, all over the world.” (Who knew that retirement elicits truth?)

Slow learning Americans: Credit Card Debt is back to dangerous levels.

The World Bank warned the Federal Reserve to delay its interest rate increase. Deutsch Bank agrees; so does Larry Summers. (Will the Big Spenders deter Janet Yellen’s Fed from heading back to sanity?)

The supply of Shrinks shrinking; the psychiatrist supply is inadequate. (Or more likely, there aren’t enough to soak up all the government money provided by Congress.)

Chicago 54 shot, 8 killed over the Labor Day holiday. (Those living in Chicago must get a bang out of it …)

Student Loans are at a new high; the Obamafolk wish to forgive them. (Another batch of lenders headed over a cliff.)

Government workers outnumber manufacturing workers 1.8 to 1. (Almost 2 to 1! Any return from that, will take generations and instability.)

A Homeopathy conference ended in chaos as delegates took a hallucinogenic drug. (Hmnn … Homeopathy seems set to grow …)

Economist Paul Krugman called Trump “Right on economics.” (That’s as great as praise for your politics, from Hitler.)

A 4th Chemical Plant in a month exploded in China.(Payback for the Great Chinese Hack of U.S. confidential records? [You might Google ‘Stuxnet.’[)

AUK Drone assassination occurred in Syria. (Brit ISIS fighter) A Kentucky Drone crashed into a stadium just before kickoff. (Best we learn to look up …)

The Creator of a new ‘live bacteria’ cleansing spray says he hasn’t showered in 12 years.

A white Woman mistakenly impregnated with a black man’s sperm lost her case against the sperm bank. (Man, proud man …)

A Woman was arrested with a loaded gun inside her … well, you know. (the angels are weeping.)

Were those insufficient: A woman was horrified and took a photo of a man masturbating on the New York City subway; the conductor just rolled his eyes.  (Welcome to our brave new Post Christian culture. Was this in sight when the 1960’s yelled to “Let it all hang out?) Standing back a bit though, the woman’s horror begins to become funny, after a fashion …

And thus the week, now all yours.


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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One Response to GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

  1. I enjoyed reading them all but this one really got me laughing – “Science: 22% of Americans confuse astronomy with astrology. (More than that confuse credit cards with wealth.)”

    You could have also used:
    (More than that confuse plastic surgery with beauty.)
    (More than that confuse main stream media with journalism.)
    (More than that confuse (fill-in-the-blank) Kardashian with talent.)
    (More than that confuse television with entertainment.)
    You have distracted me for the rest of the evening!!!

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