Shoot ‘Immigrants’ As They Cross The Border, Mr. Trump?

Refugees or Invaders?

Refugees or Invaders?

Political leaders in Europe and the U.S. are inviting multitudes of poor and variously desperate folk who cling to foreign languages and very alien cultures into those post-Christian political homelands over the concerns of struggling residents. Another term for this is: “throwing gasoline onto a fire.”

No doubt the ‘refugees’ and economic migrants are worse off than the locals. No doubt either that dumping too many needy upon folk who are themselves not rich, diminishes all. Resistance at some point, sets in.

Add uncompromising Islam into the mix makes it combustible in the light of much history. In short, when enough folk are lined up to take what is yours, you resist at some point. The hordes pouring into Europe and the U.S.l are arriving as local wealth is already dissolving and as that perception sinks in, are likely to be increasingly seen as a threat.

Therefore, the political leaders whose ‘guests’ the arrivals are, will be seen too as a threat. And the forces lined up on both sides will be enemies.  Stir in a little financial collapse and there is a recipe for … what? Nothing good.

The problem is as usual, reality. Excluding refugees is not compassionate; allowing them in will later become unforgivable. No win exists in this.

We note that New York former Msyor Bloomberg was praised for his cleanup of Times Square and the city streets; his “stop and frisk” police policy reduced crime and allowed citizens to use the streets without being accosted. Crime dropped, the mayor was praised – until he was criticized for inhumanity (I.E. Republicanism).

The Mayor’s ‘stop and frisk’ offended the human rights folk; pressure keeping the homeless out of sight was regarded as inhumane. Bloomberg’s successor Mayor di Blasio promised to rescind those policies and was elected heartily. He has in fact, done that. Now, he is faulted for naked prostitutes in Times Square and the homeless urinating and defecating on the streets while tourists are panhandled. The Game Theory term for this sort of thing is a: ‘Lose – Lose’ strategy.

Inviting versus excluding masses of  immigrants is similar, seems to us. But time passes, things change and new voters and new politicians appear to have to learn such things for themselves, over and over.

If it helps, the reason so many wish to escape everywhere else into Europe and North America is that they are better places to live than the escapees have provided themselves. And in true human fashion, the first thing new arrivals will do is try to make their new home as much as possible, identical to the ones they have fled.

We are funny critters …


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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2 Responses to Shoot ‘Immigrants’ As They Cross The Border, Mr. Trump?

  1. Pete says:

    Jack I may have written about this same thing a few weeks ago but your are far more articulate than I when it comes to making a point. I hope you do not mind but I re-blogged your post to allow my readers the pleasure of your eloquence.

  2. Pete says:

    Reblogged this on Pete's Alaska and commented:
    I know I wrote about this very same situation a while back but in reading this posting by Mr Jack Curtis ( he has written a much more thoughtful posting than I ever could.

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