Alfred_E__NeumannSaturday selections from the –alleged- ‘news.’

The Quebec government has called for falsification of death certificates in euthanasia cases. (How does that match up with their claim that euthanasia is ethical and necessary?) (We are confused …)

We hear that Foreign born workers hold 16.7% of U.S. jobs. (It’s all work that Americans won’t do, right?)

New York City  is testing a car/driver real time tracking program. (For residents’ benefit, of course.)

Farrakhan: “The American system has to be taken down” because Obama was elected and still hasn’t been able to change anything. (Sorry Louis, we’re disassembling it as fast as we can …)

A San Francisco elementary school has converted its kindergarten and first grade bathrooms to ‘gender neutral.’ (Can’t start too early …)

The Feds spent $236k to teach 11 year old kids to use condoms.(Hmnn … 11 year olds have condoms?)

Nebraska Beef corp. has been accused of discrimination by the Department of Justice for requiring proof of citizenship from some employees.(Which shows why government can’t run an economy: Politics trumps reality every time.)

A  Policeman in Wisconsin was confronted, punched and threatened by black crowd. President Obama was criticized for his attitude toward cops. (Hmnn … why would politicians in Washington want to undermine local cops? (You may wish to consider it.)

The Labor Participation Rate is now a at 1977 level for a third month. (The percentage of available workers actually in jobs now matches the time when married women were housewives. Enjoy the ‘recovery!!’)

The Mayor has proposed a large tax increase in Chicago,  the gun controlled city with 12 shot dead, 13 wounded from Tuesday through Thursday. (That’s real leadership; a lot of cities will follow)

Low Income Workers are seeing the biggest drop in paychecks. (It’s hard to compete with Obama’s illegals!)

Real Estate:  Nearly half of New York City and Washington DC homes are losing value. (Why don’t the media tell us of that part of the ‘recovery?’)

Trump: Obama’s nuclear deal calls for U.S. to defend Iran against an Israeli attack. (But the GOP majority Senate is passing it anyway.)

A new Chinese Missile has a 1550 kilometer range and travels at up to 10 times the speed of sound. (The U.S. has some too, but few enemies with aircraft carriers to use them on …)

159 plus students walked out of school to protest ‘transgender’ teen using the girls’ locker room. (The power of envy?)

New Baltimore ‘protests’ erupted with Freddie Gray hearings underway. (Why do we never hear who organizes and funds these things?)

All those Immigrants we hear about? More than half are on welfare. (Expect your “gracias!” any day …)

The North Pole has been claimed by Russia. Officially. (Will, come December, we have to expect Santa Putin?)

Republicans are doing what they claim to oppose, as usual; will voters nuke them? (Betcha not.)

Drones  are raising concerns in Latin America: Assassinations, flying bombs. (They cut to the chase down there while North Americans snooze.)

NYSE Rule 48 was used at Tuesday’s  opening to head off collapse of the market.  Canada is officially in recession.  US ‘Ultrapoor’  ranks have doubled since 1996; 1.5 M households. 3 m kids.. Live on $2/day. (Bet you didn’t know …)

Look at this  US ‘Defense” Budget comparison to other countries (Then tell us of whom we’re so scared, that we have to spend this much of what we don’t have?)

Food Waste is up to 56% in schools since Mrs. Obama’s healthy school lunches were mandated. (Ever notice that Lefty ‘improvements’ are usually mandates, not options?)

The Prez said that ‘Sanctions’ are coming against China for cyberwarattacks. (Huh: The U.S. and everyone else with a computer, do it too …)

Cops invaded a home and kill a man over $2 worth of pot; an informant outed the resulting police cover-up. (Never argue with a cop unless your estate needs the money!)

And a bodycam recorded the illegal arrest of a naked woman in Arizona.

With another week barely escaped, we rest.


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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