Refugees and Invaders Can Be Hard to Tell Apart …

Refugee Camp

Refugee Camp

Massive numbers of mostly Moslem refugees are flooding Europe in an attempt to escape the fact that they cannot live in peace in their homelands. Small, relatively poor Hungary has imprisoned arriving refugees in their trains the last couple of days, in response to teeming encampments growing around Budapest railroad station.

In response to this, world media has played the ‘selfish Hungarians vs poor, starving refugees’ story for the world. It sells, we suppose. It attracts readers and therefore, sponsors who buy ads. Yeah.

But no one mentions that there are a lot of Hungarians but not a lot of money in a small country. When there’s ‘compassion’ available, never mind reality. Reality sucks, anyway, right? Why else would we keep electing the politicians that we continually elect? Hun!

So, what’s a Hungarian Prime Minister to do? If he keeps his doors open, his small house will simply collapse under the weight of invaders. If he keeps on preventing refugees from debarking trains, he will be lynched in the larger world. What’s to do?

Well, the current Hungarian solution is typically European: He has offered to bus arriving refugees to the Austrian border. We in the U.S. call this: “Passing the buck.” Or often colloquially, “passing a hot potato.” In short, dumping your problem onto someone else. Cowardly perhaps, but it can be effective. And what politician eschews useful cowardice?

Austria too is a small country but it is not poor. Being a bunch of rather gilded Germans, full of the old (elsewhere) Protestant Work Ethic, the Austrians have sweated postwar Communist poverty into further postwar Germanic wealth. Austrians aren’t anxious to hand it all over to invading Moslems whose ancestors they have had to beat off before, to their own impoverishment.

Unfortunately for all, Austria and Hungary are parts of Europe, a disparate place that, in search of inflated dreams, has adopted the “European Union” and set up an unresponsive paragovernment in Brussels, one answerable to essentially, itself.

The realities of teeming, unwashed bodies now surrounding Hungarians, Austrians and others — bodies with quite different sensibilities than those of the locals – are hard to perceive in Brussels when E.U. bureaucrats make policy. The puppetmasters don’t feel the pain impinging upon the puppets. That sort of situation can strain the strings that link the two.

Meanwhile, back at the Middle East and the top half of Africa, the folk living there are accelerating their refusal to live with each other, destroying economies,  states and people. That feeds even more migration in search of a decent place to live.

In a typically human curse, the more such migrants arrive in a sanctuary, the more it will be destabilized into a replica of what produce the migrants in the first place. Plus ca change …

From afar, some justice is visible in these events. The Moslems invaded Europe  until they were defeated at Vienna in 1683, courtesy of a Polish king. We note how, after thus saving the Christian West, the Poles have been so gratefully remembered …

Further, much of the destabilization from which present Moslem refugees flee, is a result of Euro/American meddling in the Middle East, from the deposition of the Shah of Iran to the removal of Saddam Hussein. Without G.H.W. Bush, we might well lack ISIS. Under Saddam, the  Sunnis were in charge; they suppressed terrorism rather than recruiting it.

So in a way, Europe is hoist by its own petard, Nevertheless, Europe can’t absorb millions of fleeing Moslems; it has neither the wealth to share nor the cultural strength in its remnant of Christianity to survive such an onslaught.

There is an element of humor in this truly pathetic process. It is a matter of proportion. The Moslems have invaded Eutope militarily and been repulsed by Christian armies. In Hoc Signo Vinces … (untimely perhaps, but appropriate.) Just as the Christians were repulsed trying to recover the Moslem-conquered Holy Land. A draw, more or less.  Now, the Moslems seem set to acheive at least a portion of their ancient goal as unarmed refugees …

But we guess that isn’t going to work either. The Euro grass roots is firming up ahead of the E.U. ‘leadership. Why not? They’re the ones who must pay the bills. For a long time, too. A couple more generations, maybe.

And with all that going on in front of i, the wise rulers of America recreate the same horrible mess in North America unnecessarily, by invitation.

Whom the gods would destroy …

Bit t IS funny, if you can stand far enough back.

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