GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannA sevenday now a fugitive, we have gathered for you the following granules of news:

Washington State Professors have promised failing grades for students using: “illegal aliens”, “male,” “female” and some other proscribed terms in their classes on culture. (A public school replacing education with brainwashing?) Comedians have dumped campus gigs … (We guess that they can’t compete.)

Chinese first, then Indian Immigrants (total legal and illegal) have overtaken Mexicans as the most numerous entering the United States.  (And folks wonder why wages aren’t growing faster …) And Big Tech firms in the U.S. hire foreigners, exclude citizens since the foreigners will work for less. .

The linked map shows Salaries needed to buy an average home in 17 US cities. ($51,000 to $150,000 should cover it.) Note too that Home Ownership has declined 6 percent, a 50 year low. The young can’t afford homes and say they prefer to rent anyway. (If we are to believe them.)

US and Russian ‘wage growth’ busted: America is stagnant while Russia is declining. (Ukraine will pay.)

Another citizen was arrested while video recording police in action. (Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?)

E.U. megabank HSBC failed to process 275,000 UK payroll checks, citing a ‘computer glitch.’(Well, that sounds better than ‘cash shortage’ would have, right? And might even be true.)

 Fed up investors and frightened ones are yanking cash from almost everything; stocks, bonds and mutual funds. (You don’t suppose that they see something coming, do you?)

Trump vs the Elite Establishment: (What’s to do when the anointed leaders look back and see everybody has left them for a new Pied Piper?) And: Teleprompters should be banned, per Donald Trump. (We’ll vote for that!)

Science: Over half of psychology research reports present results that cannot be duplicated on repetition of the work… (Top quality, genuine fake science? Paid for by taxpayers?)

A Flu breakthrough may lead to a single vaccine that will hold off all types of flu. (Now THAT’s science!)

A newborn baby was killed by rats in the hospital. (Doesn’t sound quite so bad upon realization of the numbers of babies being killed by Moslem rats with gums and bombs.)

Drones with Tasers and tear gas were legalized for cops in ND. (Yeah, and what will the illegal drones be carrying?) With that in mind, a man was indicted for firing shotgun blasts at a hovering drone.

Seattle Children’s Hospital warned thousands to test children for HIV, hepatitis etc. after finding that surgical tools had not been regularly sterilized. (‘Patient recalls’ for hospitals? Why is this not already routine?)

Another US Debt warning from the Congressional Budget Office: “Unsustainable.” (Why does Congress keep a Budget Office to which it won’t listen?)

A man attacked his mother using potato salad.

Britain is worried about Immigrant Invasion via  the Channel Tunnel: A Sudanese walked the 31 miles, dodging trains. (He is now in court on trespass charges.)  Germany expects 800,000 formal, legal asylum  requests by yearend.

NASA/NOAA are reporting political science on ‘global warming’ again. (As our President will be in Alaska promoting global warming prevention this week, we trust the heat won’t unnerve him.) More Global warming: Calgary endures snowstorm …

A SWAT Team  held a naked mom and two toddlers at gunpoint while raiding the wrong house …

The Ashley Madison cheater’s dating site hack has produced blackmail and suicides (a mirror held up to us)

On Monday, Household wealth fell by $1.8 trillion. (On paper, anyway.)

China will increase bank liquidity to boost lending. Cash Analysis (for the determined). Definition: China will now try what the U.S. Federal Reserve is in the process of giving up.

U.S. Crooked Cronyism; The  Bank of New York Mellon imported Middle Eastern corruption. (Well paid jobs for useless relatives of good clients.)

A woman was cited for breastfeeding while driving.

A man was arrested after dragging a naked woman out of a house. (Doesn’t he have to marry her now>)

And thus we begin a new week, hoping for but not really expecting better …

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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  1. Bad Wolf says:

    That guy who attacked his mom with potato salad is evil incarnate.

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