What Will We Do With A Yard Full Of Starving Strangers?

Moslem Refugees

Moslem Refugees

History says that the Jews were enslaved in Egypt, released and led to their promised land. The Bible explains that the arriving Jews took the already inhabited area with fire and sword, taking Jericho for instance, by killing every living soul that they could catch. Early genocide, right? And not so rare, either.

Massive migrations of people are not uncommon in history ad have often enough been accompanied by massive changes if not total replacement of societies. The massive migration of European whites into North America certainly made some changes. So did the arrival of Moslems and Mongols in Europe. That’s inevitable, we suppose, because large masses of concentrated power lead folk to demand what they want from the locals.

The current residents of Europe and North America are descended from the throngs of migrants, now sedentary and rich compared to the rest of he planet. That ‘rest of the planet’ is considerably distressed by comparison. And in the Middle East and Africa, ungovernable societies thrashing in civil wars are forcing millions to flee their homes and origins for simple food, shelter and relative safety now unavailable at home.

The fleeing multitudes are destitute and desperate and many die fleeing and their children with them. And as the numbers expand, no place that they seek will have resources enough to add them easily to the locals already there.

Another problem is a composite of our human fear of the different and the also very human desire to continue to act in familiar ways — ways that may seem strange and threatening to established locals. And when refugees are numerous enough and desperate enough, they may suddenly become an invasion. Ask those who inhabited what is now the Navajo Nation before the Navajos arrived.

Two floods of migrants are massively threatening at least potentially in both Europe and North America. For Europe, it is largely Moslems displaced fron Arabia and Africa; North America receives ‘Hispanic’ Latin Americans. The numbers are growing and government policies have been largely welcoming.

But the economies in Europe and North America are in decline, resources are fewer. Locals see their own needs alongside those of the migrants. Local attitudes are shifting against open charity for the floods of the desperate.

Signs of reaction are proliferating: The Netherlands has rescinded its once vaunted policy of multiculturalism; in the United States, presidential candidate and political outsider Donald Trump is shooting up the ratings scale with proposals of mass illegal alien deportations. And Spanish has become another U.S. language while European police decline to enter Moslem neighborhoods when they can avoid it.

The most significant part of this seems to us is the fact that the refugee masses seem likely to increase while the resources of their intended refuges are in line to decrease, all shortly to be stirred by a failing financial system. A demographic witches’ brew putting it mildly.

It appears that the United States (augmented by France, Britain et al) pulled the keystone out of the Middle Eastern arch in the Gulf War that destabilized Iraq. The endless meddling there and in Afghanistan since has added oil to the fire. From that view, Europe’s problem may seem to have some justice in it.

In the U.S. another sort of rough justice is open to consider: The two political parties want respectively, new Democrat voters and more cheap labor, the last beingsomething that cannot describe American citizens now. Given that those citizens have voted themselves more than their efforts can draw from a free market, some may see some justice in North America’s situation.

No matter how one sees it though, we are watching irresistible forces battering immovable objects in a political and an economic sense. That’s a fair paraphrase for the triggering of a nuclear bomb, right?

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