World Leaders, World Government and the China Scam

ChinaSci-Fi pioneer and socialist H.G. Wells predicted a single world government as the only reasonable solution to human failings that perpetuated wars; his 1933 “The Shape of Things to Come” predicted human salvation via a world state similar to the vision of many of today’s political leaders who may substitute the Bilderberg Group for disciplined thought or who approve of world government that has them on to.H.G. Wells

At the moment, evidence says that our species cannot govern Europe, the Americas, Russia, China and most everywhere but maybe Singapore and Chile without impoverishing them into insolvency. Nor is that new. It’s what we do, along with the wars. The legend of the Phoenix is old, but hardly obsolete.

None of the present presidential candidates in the U.S. or their equivalents in the E.U. or anywhere else are willing to address the failing international financial system. True, floods of destabilizing refugees, Moslem mass murderers and a sclerotic economy are sufficient to concentrate attention, but much of all that rises from economic mismanagement that cannot be admitted, let alone repaired, until the debts and causative deficits are dealt with.

China has been seen as a charging economic tiger doing everything right as its governors drove it down the prescribed economic road. It will soon dominate the earth, let alone the U.S. and Europe. Sure …

China will fall like the house of cards that it really is. It has risen upon foreign capital that is now leaving it as erstwhile customers reduce purchases. It has built cities awaiting population, resources now locked in place and non productive. Having risen upon cheap labor, it has begun to use robots, the road to massive future unemployment. And its infrastructure remains in the past to a huge degree, a drag upon its economy. Now, its government is deluging its stock market and lenders in cash to head off contraction; that will prevent the stock markets’ function and blow up debt. No government yet made by men can yet run an economy anywhere but into the ground. Successful markets must be free.

The unadmitted reason is simple: Government must run on political decisions or fall while economies must run on profit and loss or collapse. The more government intrudes into an economy, the less effective that economy will be. Yet the more politicians intrude economically, the more they must proceed further in reaction to the distortions that their decisions provoke. If the leeches are not saving the patient, more leeches must be added!

China’s government is now distorting its stock market and its banks to help the conditions resulting from prior government actions in China and elsewhere. It will be a little while, but the Chinese now ex-Communists will succeed in terminating themselves just as well as did the Soviets before them.

The U.S. and Europe share the same basic infection: Government that has had to promise what it cannot deliver and is going broke of the resulting waste of resources. It will be the least common denominator, financially world wide.

But it will not prevent aggressive overreaction in the hope of hanging onto power, nor will it bring chastened governors into reasonable cooperation in a world wide state. Contrariwise: With the only ‘superpower’ broke along with the rest, the squabbles seem likely only to increase.

Come to think of it, world government is lousy political science anyway. A basic in that science is the thought that, the farther a government gets from its citizens, the less it can understand them and their needs and so the more alienated they will come to feel. Can anyone imagine the condition of a Congress equivalent that must serve all the disparate peoples in the world today? If we recall, the U.S. Congress recently had a 17% approval rating

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