GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannAnother week’s worth; our Saturday Summary:

Markets melting worldwide reports that the air is leaking out of stocks everywhere at once, a signal asserting both the linkage of the world into a single market and the swollen, unreal valuations that government manipulations everywhere have assured.

In the U.S. Stock Market, we’ve seen the first 1300 points of the 2015 collapse per the linked report.

Add: Currency collapse ongoing in ‘emerging markets’ and the scene is nicely set for imminent sky fall.

Financial Chicken Littles are channeling 1937 for the Fed, recalling the interest rate hike that prolonged the Great Depression. They somehow fail to raise the present bankruptcy of retirement plans resulting from the depressed rates …(Raising rates seems likely to collapse the world’s finances. So does not raising them.)

And, is the Fed losing its grip on the credit markets? Bond investors bailouts into long term feds?

The linked US Immigration charts demonstrate realities that may be worth knowing now that Mr. Trump has forced the subject onto the table. Short version: It’s now a bigger subject than ever before.

A man, 40, was arrested for battering his girlfriend with sauerkraut. (No, not Anthony Wiener … )

The Planned Parenthood sales of butchered babies videos are being investigated by Congressional Democrats … They are probing the organization that provided the videos. (We always shoot the messenger, right?)

Turning the Animas River yellow in Colorado and New Mexico wasn’t enough pollution for the EPA, now it has struck again in Georgia. (Pollution regulators making pollution is a full-employment policy?)

In Ukraine, fighting is increasing again as the Russians who aren’t there step up “ceasefire” violations.

The GOP nightmare: Trump vs. Cruz gets it wrong, seems to us. We see Trump legitimizing Cruz.

 Puerto Rico’s somehow invisible bankruptcy is a forecast of what’s coming in the US, perhaps the reason that it remains invisible?

A  Father was accidentally shot dead by his 2 year old son. (How do they know it was an accident?)

The US dropped to 20th place in the world overall personal freedom ranking. (Whadda you mean, Obamcare isn’t optional?)

A woman, 72, was violently robbed inside a church. (An unscheduled collection …)

Head lice in 25 states are now resistant to common meds. (Learning from the spreading bedbugs?)

The UN will let Iran inspect its own secret sites for nuke deal, per AP. (Will the results be secret too?)

The hackers who grabbed personal data from the Ashley Madison marriage cheater’s dating website have now posted the data. (We hear that it includes employees at the White House, Congress and Fox News as well as thousands of government workers generally. (Hmnn … any gay spouses listed?)

Rural School Districts are hurting from the Obamacare employer mandate. (Never mind small business, right?)

A high ranking Fed Official admitted that there is no evidence that QE (the Fed’s money printing) boosted the economy. (Sure pumped the stocks and real estate full of fake values though … until we see them leak out again.)

The arrival of Uber dramatically lowered San Francisco DUI arrests. (Well, so long as the drinker could manage his cell phone.)

Naked women posing in body paint and a thong are multiplying in Times Square, NYC. (Topless is legal) (That should bring in thongs er, throngs of tourists! Those not accompanied by wives, at least.)

An animal rights activist was beaten with a duck. (Will the cops find fowl play?)

No apologies; that was the week as it was.


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