Who Will Burn In Trump’s Fire?

TrumpDonald Trup moved his rally to a sports venue to accommodate the throngs; Fox news and the rest of the media followed hoping for ranks of empty seats to show. Weatherfolk  jumped in predicting rain.

The Donald unleashed, spoke over the heads of the media on live TV directly to the concerns of the ordinary Americans dismissed so cavalierly by the ruling elite in Washington. He brought up what the elite have wanted ignored, as he has been doing with immigration but this time, he went much farther afield. He even praised a resurgent, leading America, a macro equivalent of white racism. He made himself the apologist for the historic America now denigrated by its own leadership.

American public education has done much to disabuse Americans of such ‘obsolete’ attitudes but they resounded in Trump. They are not buried deeply enough that a demagog – and Trump is a grade A demagog – cannot revive them. (Obama is a demagog, too. He just has less dema to gog; his vision is pale next to Trumps’.)

Now, it seems to us, Trump’s life span depends upon the Monday polls. Not the bought and paid for public polls you will hear of from the media, rather, the private polls read only by the politicians, paid for with other folks’ money.

If Trump’s clarion posturing (much that he promises is only available from Congress) raises him too high in those private pools, he will have to be eliminated in any manner that will do that. And do it in a way from which no recovery is possible. The U.S. ruling class is circling its wagons, Democrat and GOP, against the Trump threat. He begins to look as though he may bring their carefully maintained structure down.

An unknown here: The current elite has trashed the world economy and condemned it to decades in purgatory; are there enough players coming together behind Trump to sustain him against the current elite? Only time and events will answer. At this moment he looks like the lonely Dutch boy with his finger in the hole in the dike.

So we see a possibly megalomanic demagog on the one hand, doing what we want and need done, with arrogant, corrupt oligarchs on the other, trying to bring Trump down. And it is up to us to sort out the ultimate result in the voting booth. Yeah …

For us, we don’t know that we want Trump for our President, though we are pleased that he is airing the otherwise ignored subjects that concern us. We do know that we don’t want any of the servants of the present ‘leadership.’

Donald Trump has lit a fire under the 2016 race; the question he raises may be: Can he survive his own flames?

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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