Asheley Madison, Bill di Blasio and Moses …

Ashley MadisonAshley Madison” is a dating website for married and otherwise allegedly committed fool who wish to cheat, apparently. It has been by all appearances, very successful in generating worldwide traffic. And it has recently been hacked. That seems off-putting enough (blackmail?) but worse has occurred; the hackers have posted the collected users’ personal data for all to see.

This is hilarious to us, excepting where children are hurt by it. There will be too many of those.It is a spotlight upon human nature, regardless.

Of course, it may be less funny if you are included.  But reports suggest that these records amount to some millions of people. Thousands apparently, being government employees. It is against this backdrop that we bring up a few more factoids.

It helps clarify some current realities such as the dissolution of family bonds, the massive divorce rate, the increase in single motherhood. And all of those clarify the abandonment of Christianity in what was founded as a Christian, if nondenominational country. We see as key, the related abandonment of wnat was generally accepted morality and behavior.

It explains too how so many amoral politicians and policies abound now; the voters are no different themselves. There is no Post-Christian decalog. We have instead moral relativism, or do as you please. (Which we note, seems to be working out to be doing as the politicians please.) Voters elect crooks because both are dishonest, looking for whatever they think they can grab, making a deal possible. Voters aren’t dumb, they’re just on the take like the politicians.

Donald Trump has homed in on those who have figured out that it is a swindle. Those tired of paying for nothing and being vilified into the bargain. He is the unacknowledged  apostle of the silent white folks whose fault everything is, a strange reward for breaking the perennial poverty of the planet and showing humanity how to live freer and better. That is apparently unforgivable … Nor do we even know whether Mr. Trump is serious about it. Most of his ilk have not been serious; they have just been looking out for number one like the others.

We see a mini such drama playing out in New York City, where a heartless Republican mayor who cleaned up the disaster that was Times Square was replaced by a compassionate Democrat mayor under whom the place has reverted to the homeless, muggers, public urination and resident nutcases and panhandlers once again. Compassionate Mayor di Blasio has just solved his problem: he appointed a task force. Times Square will retain its topless women, costumed characters, panhandlers and muggers but the Mayor has Done Something. That’s what politicians do. Eventually another nasty Republican will be hired to take the heat and clean it up again, making compassionate Democrats feel bad again.

The Israelites reverted from God to golden calves while Moses was up the mountain, receiving the Ten Commandments, if we believe the Bible. That was a long time ago …

But that has repeated throughout human history. Things get tough; we revert to better behavior. Times passes, life gets easier, we start once more to take advantage. It seems to be in our DNA, from what we can tell.

We have replaced the golden calf with government entitlements and replaced God with Government but those seem details, the basics are the historical pattern for good, easy times all over again. If history and financial reports are any indicator, we are heading into the hard times of the historical pattern. The Greeks said Hubris was the precursor of Nemesis. It’s not a new idea, or limited to Biblical believers. It just seems to be what people do, given time.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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