A Few Idle Questions For Folks Who Care About Humanity … (If there are any left)

GovernmentSome questions occurred to us as we rinsed off the soap in the shower. That is an otherwise idle time, appropriate for recollections of more important matters. This has happened before, though to no particularly productive end.  We share the more salient questions:

  1. Politicians having promised to save us for what now amounts to millennia, why are we so obviously not yet saved? Our afflictions are same old, are they not?
  2. The price demanded by politicians for our salvation has always been the same: A vast increase in their power over us. We have always gladly paid that price; why have we then gone on inevitably to revolution against those politicians at great cost to ourselves? (Over and over in history!)
  3. Given that election after election,winners invariably continue the important policies of their predecessors, why have we clung to our so-called two party system?

We offer a clue here though you may not agree. It too is in the form of a question: Who was the first “Progressive” U.S. President? Assuming that some numbers of readers may be US public school grads, we will supply the answer:

The first Progressive president of the US was Theodore Roosevelt. You may look it up. If you do that, you will also discover that he was a Republican. You may recall that so was the president who freed the slaves in the Civil War. Time passes, things change … (Well, the players change …)

We see the US political system as a well-camouflaged one-party state, with the Democrats and the GOP alternating roles as good cop, bad cop. It has so far, provided stability. On the other hand, the state has til now, shared a common social ethic, proceeding from Post Reformation Christianity.

Now though, that shared ethic is largely abandoned; we can have half of the citizens on government benefits when before, most believed that receiving charity was shameful. Practicing Christians as most were then, could not happily dispose of inconvenient nascent children by killing them before formal arrival and allowing the killing service to market the resulting body parts.

A once cohesive society has fractioned itself, no longer valuing shared religion, culture and language. A single society has become a composite of disparate and now less unified parts. And thereby, weaker therefrom.

Thus our final question: Is this an inevitable of human nature? Your thoughts well be welcome …


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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