Compassionate Government Helping Small Business …

Small BusinessFolks looking for reasons that “The Donald” (Trump) is popular might consider an article in the Albuquerque Journal: “Small Businesses Face Crushing Challenges.” The article lists a few current government-imposed burdens added to a struggling economy.

Restaurant owners for instance, now must deal with escalating minimum wages, the ever-growing costs of healthcare coverage, new green and health regulations and the ever rising costs (somehow, without official inflation) of food. The article could have gone on to cover the rising costs of power and heating in response to the government’s green impositions.

Large restaurant chains are now testing little terminals that accept both orders and payments at tables plus via internet, and in the case of fast food, robots that replace burger makers in the kitchens. That is all expensive stuff, but human labor has become so expensive in the U.S. and Europe that such costly replacements are justified. Necessary, even. Thank you, oh generous, compassionate government!

The other end of the pincers is the expanding importation of low wage, illegal aliens to take jobs from more expensive natives. Robots on top; wetbacks underneath; Americans squeezed between. It used to be called a “squeeze play.” Now, its just public policy, though not discussed as such. Our governors don’t like to actually admit what they do. But those who watch their hands rather than listening to their statements can see clearly enough whose pockets those hands are into.

On the larger scale, Americans have been greedy and foolish. We have allowed corrupt unions to support corrupt politicians in pushing workers’ earnings so far above world market levels that we have created competitors in China, India and elsewhere; competitors with whom we cannot compete. We have made a new generation of high income workers whose wages lead the world, except that they are now out of work. It’s a long, grimy way down from there.

And we now, courtesy of a new presidential campaign, see the usual suspects pushing a national $15 hr. minimum wage. They don’t seem interested in whom will provide the money to pay that. Let the employers do it, no doubt, never mind that they aren’t selling more stuff. Sure. Vote for me; I’ll raise your wage to a minimum of $100. $15 is for pikers. Even better, I’ll tell you from where I’ll get the money: From you, of course. You’re the customers who provide the employers with their money, right?

Hmnn … guess I wasn’t elected after all. Too bad something like that isn’t included in high school money/economics classes … Oh, high schools don’t teach such things? Now, why would THAT be?


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