GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannNews that caught the eye:

Russia held an emergency defense meeting re Ukraine. (Seems odd, as they claim there are no Russians involved in Ukraine, no?)

The EPA ‘Clean Power’ programs contain large anti-poverty transfers.  (Power will cost more not using cheap coal and more yet  to protect poor folk from paying the difference.)

Europe’s flooding, refugee Migrants are fleeing chaotic civil wars in Africa and the Middle East. (We hope that they leave those problems behind, is that the way to bet?) And the Migration crisis is global. (Note that the US is inviting its share and hoping for more …)

Fox News was reported to be a major Clinton donor.  (Do you trust your Daddy?)

Cord-cutters continue to abandon cable/satellite TV for the internet. (Another half-million last quarter.)

Chicago: 1 dead, 14 wounded.  (Not a bad day’s work, right?)

US military families are being watched and accosted by Middle Eastern men. Hmnn … and considering what the US military has been doing for decades, to Middle Eastern men …)

An airline plans to weigh passengers before boarding. (Uzbekistan Air)

US Food Banks: Demand, now 4 B lbs. of food annually, has risen every year since 2008.  (As we are said to be in economic recovery, could this be excess food that accounts for all the overweight people?)

The EPA cleanup crew   apologized for yellowing the Animas river, but experts disagree whether the water will be safe. (Not to worry; heavy metals, arsenic and such are slow poisons; the responsible politicians will be out of office before any problems come up.)

America’s snacking frenzy is blamed on lonely single people.

Michigan teachers earned an average $62 thousand annually. (Wonder what their students will earn …)

China devalued  the yuan.  And Again. It’s economic slowing is pinching, just as is Russia’s. The devaluation will cheapen its exports and annoy competitors but seems too small so far to change much. But folks seem to avoid large moves for fear of pulling the whole structure down onto their heads …

China has been reading e-mails of top US officials since 2010. (So China has a deal with the NSA?)

Venezuela is entering financial collapse, so it now claims two thirds of neighboring Guyana’s territory. (No, it’s not called: “Ukraine.” But you’ve got the ideas …)

Drones  bother bears, nearly triggering heart attacks. (We bet Moslem terrorists aren’t fond of them either … wonder when we’ll start seeing them in the US and Europe?) (Drones, that is; bears, we already have.)

Ferguson flared up on its one year anniversary; an Emergency declared and an Eruption of bad behavior. (Wonder who’s organizing and funding the thugs?)

The linked Map illustrates the fallacy of a US $15 minimum wage.

Paris hotels  are infuriated by Airbnb. (Well, so is Hilton … and taxi drivers hate Uber. Everybody approves of competition … so long as they don’t face it.)

Tesla, the icon of the ‘clean energy’ movement, is burning through its cash and losing $4,000 on every Model S sedan sold. (For Progressives bent upon earthly paradise, reality sucks …)

Consumer debt growth parallels the overspending of the politicians. (Perhaps some consumers believe the bruited ‘recovery’ is real?)

Of 2016 Donors: So far, $1 M or more has come from 60 donors, whom have given 1/3 of the total; $199,000 and up were 50 % of total donated. (Seems a few folks buy a lot of influence.)

A maker of Underwear claims the product will protect from Wi Fi radiation …

And with that, we give up for this week.


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One Response to GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

  1. Michael says:

    The Tesla story was a false liberal propaganda story. While it is true Tesla has lost money this year that amounts to about 4,000 a car it turns out that Tesla has actually the highest profit margin in the industry. The current losses are based on R and D and will be made up at the current sales rates in a short time. Got to take stories from the press with a big grain of salt.

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