The Rock or the Hard Place? (Donald Trump vs. the Establishment)

Donald Trump standsTrump above the crowd not only as the GOP (in spite of everything and everybody in the ruling elite) front runner but also as the people’s choice. Horrors! Imagine the “Great Unwashed” being allowed to actually choose! But the polls are relentless: Trump towers.

This being as unacceptable as was Sarah Palin last time, the Powers that Be are gathering on both Democratic (expected) and Republican (expected by realists) sides to bring the Trump Tower down ASAP at whatever cost. Neither of these two members of the duopoly are ready to yield their power to an interloper. They will join in ferocious attack upon one not their own, presently Trump. None of them became millionaires allowing the reins into hands not of their own.

Today’s government, banks, industry, education and now health are so interwoven that they amount to one enterprise, seems to us. And an international one at that; not one expressly American anymore. A candidate with independence, not subject to the reins of political linkage, is anathema equally to all the ruling elite. They rise up to smite such a threat.

So Trump is toast, unless the voters arise from their somnolence to maintain him for the entire next year, against every media wind that can be brought to bear against him. A financial crash before the election could empower him against all that; a continued “recovery” could wipe him out under the relentless attack.

The Donald has provided no substance; his fame rests upon calling the country’s problems by their names, not upon their solution. He is as bound by the pain of said solutions as are his opponents. Neither can spend what isn’t there to spend. And even Trump has not yet explored this abyss.

The polls that work for the hire of political interests will first notice Trump’s decline; others will follow. Never mind what the real voters are thinking. If Trump can somehow hang on for the next 15 months, we will hear eventually (again) “How can the polls be so wrong?” Well, because they are: 1: Owned by the players and 2: Well paid for desired results when it counts.

America and Europe planted anti-Christianity and have harvested corruption, predictably. Channeling Genesis, nothing new. Being Biblical doesn’t make observations of human nature wrong, right? Those old guys understood our species well enough.

So Trump is serving presently as a parachute for those wishing to jump from the status quo. No other is in sight. He may or may not, upon bailing, open and save the falling passengers. The risk is there. The public mood over a year ahead is not ours to predict, either. Another hero yet to be identified may lurk ahead, we can’t know.

For now, The Donald is the only anti-establishment opportunity and that seems enough. He does good work, forcing debate upon what the establishment wishes ignored. With enough money, an election In America is the bully pulpit.

The most ignored aspect seems to us this: When the ruling elite no longer seeks to appear as the servants of the people but instead, manifests as the imposers of what is good for said folk, desired or not, that government has become a tyranny, as predicted by America’s Founders. Trump and any other such serve to force that into the open, making it difficult top bury. Hence the need for Trump’s disappearance from the political scene. We recall the death of Julius Caesar, though we don’t propose Trump for his equal.

It is now up to the citizens who allow or refuse to allow that to occur. We could wish for a more prepossessing candidate than The Donald but he amounts to the only Trump in sight. Support him against all the force and funds brought to bear by The Establishment or accept the nominee of that Establishment. Your kids and grandkids will pay for your choice and it seems likely to be far from cheap, either way. Your call ..?

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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