GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYour Saturday sampler:

The Mystery of the Waco Biker War … Approaching 200 people in a restaurant; two biker gangs plus police. Some 300 weapons found afterward. Nine dead, 18 hurt. Dozens of cameras going, many witnesses … and no one knows what happened or why. The witnesses and evidence are sequestered and secret. Why? That’s secret, too. Don’t ask. “Coverup” is being heard, but who knows?

Venezuela: Looting takes over as hunger sweeps the country. Inflation is now 30%. (Socialism fails as usual, but also as usual, the government won’t let go.)

Uber’s California ‘drivers are employees’ case has begun as Uber sued over the original State decision that drivers are employees, not contractors. (If forced to provide employee benefits, the Uber business model may break down … but the California cab unions will be happy. Customers, not so much.)

Target removed the gender labels from its kid clothing sections ‘after complaints.’ (We hear that men’s fashions are going genderless next. Well, you don’t want to be incorrectly dressed for your restroom …)

100% of female job gains since 2007 have been taken by foreigners. (The unemployed foreigners are living how?)

Christian refugees from Iraq and Syria are less welcome to U.S. visas than Moslems, per archbishops. (Understandable; U.S. Christians aren’t feeling too welcome these days, either.)

A man called 911 to report a confederate flag.

A Bangladesh man was hacked to death for criticizing Islam; he was the 4th this year.  (That’s sharp criticism!)

Russia is destroying tons of US and EU food imports to enforce the ban imposed in response to the sanctions applied for Russia’s Ukraine adventure. (Shooting oneself in the foot.)

Women not working remain at 1977 level? (But they’re 2015 welfare cases, not 1977 housewives.)

A Sam Francisco light pole collapsed, nearly killing a man; it had been corroded by urine.

The ‘Free and Open’ internet is withering away. (Few seem to care much.)

Chicago police have been informally arresting/holding thousands of mostly black ‘suspects’ off the books in a warehouse. (We’ll hear of it after the city elects an Republican Mayor …)

A Half-naked man tried to swim into the Orange County Zoo monkey exhibit, claiming to be Tarzan. (We don’t know if the monkeys called 911.)

Pope Francis has invited Oprah, Air Emanuel and other Hollywood/media folk to meet him in the Fall, over how the Church is presented in reporting. (Rots of ruck with that, Your Holiness .l.)

Millennials aren’t buying cable TV because they can’t afford it?

A TCU Student  was punished by the school for insulting Islam and the Baltimore riots. (If you think THAT’S bad, wait until some student votes for a Republican!)

Louis Farrakhan: “If the Federal Government doesn’t intercede, we must rise up and kill those who kill us.” (Imagine if that had been said by a Tea Party leader?)

A black comedian was paid by the Feds to deliver an anti-white, racist tirade. (Imagine if … oh, the hell with it!)

China’s economy is continues down. The Charts will show those interested. (Since that’s where so many jobs went, what happens now?)

Chicago Public School debt was named as junk by Fitch (second agency piles on). (It ain’t just Greece and Puerto Rico.)

A stringent New EPA rule reducing carbon emissions (global warming) threatens the economy? (a lot bigger, more real threat than global warming as we see it.)

A “New Doping Crisis To Shake the Foundation of Athletics,” we’re told. (Hell, doping IS the foundation of today’s athletics!)

And a Naked man ran down a highway after causing a 6 car crash. (Only drivers busy texting were safe.)

And thus went another week, warily …


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