Why the Lions’s Share of the News … Doesn’t Always Tell Us Much

Cedil the LionCecil the lion is dead, killed by an American dentist now in hiding; his practice suspended. Triggered by journalists, the Internet-linked world is awash in anger against the villainous trophy seeker. But, wait a minute. The beloved animal so cavalierly murdered, the embodiment of Zimbabwe incarnate … seems unknown and unimportant in Zimbabwe.  “What lion?” asked the Minister of Information.

Several shootings of black criminals by police have been charged against the police in spite of witness testimony – black witnesses, in some cases -to the contrary. Apparently, Zimbabwe doesn’t get it. Apparently, the villainous dentist trophy hunter had filled out all his applications, paid his $35,000 fee and had every right to a Lion hunt under the supervision of a licensed professional ‘guide.’ But the press has made of him a demon, who as a result cannot now earn his living at home. Zimbabwe now seeks his extradition. Do you see anything wrong with this?

We note that U.S. carriers now suddenly refuse to transport big game trophies. We not too, that a dead lion in Zimbabwe attracts more attention than thousands of dead babies in U.S. Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. Perhaps that’s the point? Hard to know.

The torture-murder of an American Ambassador and his protectors in Benghazi was attributed to public reaction to an anti-Islamic video by the U.S. government, though it apparently knew that was not so. But it was politically useful.

Ebola and ISIS have been convenient too, appearing just when inconvenient scandals and/or wars demand attention and making it possible to ignore them. Do you know what is going on in Ukraine now? What is happening with Ebola now?  Why are these subjects no longer reported, given that essentially nothing has altered with respect to them?

Another example occurs to us: Greece in the European Union. We have had breathless coverage of the Greek financial crisis and the threat posed thereby; and now, without any magic solution, the Greeks have vanished into obscurity (for the moment, anyway) as Cecil the suddenly earth-shaking lion appears on stage. Now he is gone and the GOP debate looms. Somehow, these totally overwhelm the debt default in Puerto Rico, following Greece.

Puerto Rico is called by some, “America’s Greece.” Default of public dollar debt on that scale is a huge monkey wrench in the U.S. financial system. If Lehman Bros.brought down American banking in  2008, what could follow from the collapse of Puerto Rico? A substantial U.S. possession in financial collapse? Knowing that there are states and cities in little better shape? U.S. “news” media seem no longer to fulfill that function. Only the Internet makes any attempt to do that. And the FCC, FTC and FEC are moving in to “regulate” the net for us.

In China and Russia, only government propaganda is allowed free circulation; few citizens know what is going on. That doesn’t surprise; the realization that the same is increasingly true in the United States is a bit less obvious. Yet, except for the Internet, it is already the case as we see it. The Feds are now moving on the net.

Perhaps we are overly impressed with what we see, leading to exaggeration of the situation. Maybe.Regardless, we would be wise we think, to watch closely.


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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