The Political Inconvenience of Lone Wolf Terrorists …

JihadistOne man’s Islamic terrorist is another man’s case of workplace violence these days or someone else’s unhinged nutjob. Unfortunately, such ambivalence dilutes our attempts to protect ourselves.

Presently, we have organized and funded massive government resources against Islamic violence while using politicized definitions to handicap the application of those resources for political reasons.

The present Obama Administration and media tend to play down violence when blacks are the perpetrators for obvious political reasons. They also avoid the mention of Islamic ties, as was done with the Fort Hood shootings. This event was classified as “workplace violence” at the insistence of the White House. Much later, that was changed under intense public pressure.

More recently, the attacks on two military facilities in Chattanooga have triggered arguments about its proper classification plus action against a U.S. Navy officer who shot back in defense of himself and others. We are clearly not in agreement on these increasing attacks.

Such disagreements prevent the most efficient defenses. It’is that much more difficult to hold off events when we can’t agree on the target. So, what is the reality here, without the politics to clutter it?

Our opinion (feel free to differ) is straightforward: Along with large scale, carefully organized 9/11 style attacks, these smaller, “lone wolf” cases done in the name of Islam, are simple Jihadist terrorism and should be so handled. That will bring the maximum of resources and talent to block them.

Let’s consider the subject a bit: Say that the young man who murdered American military in Tennessee had been one of a group sent from the Middle East for the purpose. No question it’s terrorism, right? Say instead, that he was sent by himself to do it. Still no question, seems to us. Say then that he was an American contract killer hired by the Jihadists to do the job. No difference, still terrorism. When a roadside bomb is used, we don’t claim that it can’t be terrorism since the bomb wasn’t a Jihadist.

Today, rather than hiring contract killers in the U.S, ISIS and others use the Internet to recruit locals open to subversion. Local religious leaders foment the same programs among Islamic youth around the world. And some of the most suggestible are snared and triggered, all unattached to any formal organization. Nutjobs and semi-nutjobs, mostly. They are like the roadside bombs, tools of organized Islamic terrorism. Therefore, they are terrorists.

Undoubtedly some of them would end killing people for other reasons were they never trapped on the Internet. Others might never find reason to kill anyone. That’s the way it is with many of these “lone wolf” types that extend too far over the edge already. And they are proving very handy for Jihadists who lack resources to go and attack all the places that they would like to attack. The Internet is not proving to be an unqualified good.

Back early last century, we used lock up nutjobs. We were afraid of them. But that proved costly; now, we turn them loose and hope that they take their meds. Meantime, we’ve tossed the social restraints imposed by Christianity and replaced the restricted dissemination of shocking news with instant, world-wide advertising of it. And added the Internet. Nutjobs aren’t isolated as they were, wonderfully awful ideas reach them wholesale. Times have changed. Islamists are using that and our confusion and politics help them.

Politicians don’t want “Moslem” used in negative situations for the same reasons that they don’t want to hear “black” that way. The helpful media support it.

Now, defenseless citizens are paying for that. Perhaps, if we can approach reality enough to call the spade by its name, we could reduce the numbers who have to pay that price. All it takes is an old, going-out-of-fashion policy: Honesty!

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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