GLEANINGS F’ROM THE PASSING SCENE … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannNibbled news nuggets now known; no nonsense (well, no much).

Baltimore killings have hit a level unseen there for 43 years. Meanwhile, the prosecutor continues her pursuit of 6 indicted cops in the Freddie Gray case.  (Well, with citizens doing the killing, at least the cops are safe.)

A worst ever wage index report just came out. . (Ain’t this ‘recovery’ great?)

Emails show that the Hillary Clinton campaign fed Questions in advance to “Meet the Press.” The interview was staged, fake. . (Full disclosure: They all do it; that’s how it works these days.)

Homeschooling, up 63% in a decade, now includes over 3% of school age kids.  (Where teachers’ unions are influential, local governments may interfere.)

Puerto Rico is defaulting a $58 M bond payment this weekend. The Default appears, unlike the Greek issue in the E.U, to be nearly invisible. (Perhaps as the U.S. lacks an Angela Merkel to stand up and face it?)

The Planned Parenthood Prez: Videos showing sales of baby parts is an attack on women. (Hmmm … By that logic, jailing black murderers is an attack on blacks, right?)

The F-35 (troubled new aircraft) is ready for operational use, per Marine boss. (Not retired yet, he must follow orders …)

We’re told: “America’s Faltering Economy Won’t Grow Under Clinton.”  (We agree,  but  is there ANY candidate of whom that cannot be said?)

Obama spending in Central America entices more migrants rather than discouraging them as said to be intended.

The FEC Chairwoman claimed regulation of Internet, Google, Facebook etc. “political” activity” was within her group’s authority. (We guess that she expects the FCC and the FTC to share?)

A Long Island man was fined heavily for parking his small plane (A Cessna) in his driveway. (Boats in driveways seem to be ignored.)  We guess Long Island is an “Anything not specifically permitted is forbidden” sort of place.

A Chinese factory that replaced 90% of its workers with robots now has higher productivity and a lower defect rate. (And the U.S. couldn’t compete with them before.

Detroit teachers are livid at late and withheld pay. The union blames the GOP governor rather than the city’s bankruptcy proceedings.  (For teachers, Detroit is showing the way that others will follow.)

As we are learning to expect from our promised “most transparent administration in history,” Hidden  Iran nuke deal documents are withheld from the public.

A young man was sentenced to a year in jail for running over 9 ducklings while driving a lawn mower in Florida. (Will not chickens demand the same levels of protection?)

Snow fell in Glacier National Park near the end of July. (Global warming).

Temperature Fraud via data manipulation is found at NOAA (NASA’s “National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration). They’ve made cooling into warming by fiddling the data.)

Armed killer robots “inevitable” according to experts.  (They would be the arms makers.)

Technocrats urge ban on autonomous weapons.  (Right; like the ban on nukes?)

Some 70 black teens mobbed and vandalized an Akron Circle K store. Most of the newsfo didn’t notice that they were all black.  (Reverse racism is still racism, isn’t it?)  Just like failing to mention that mass shooters are Muslims on Jihad …

Per a study, Bullies have higher self-esteem, lower depression rates. (Believe it if you don’t want to be roughed up!)

A New York subway  passenger was stabbed over a disputed seat. (He got the point.)

The FEDS spent $222 k studying how men look at women when they drink. (We wonder who was drinking: The men, the women … or Congress when this was funded?)

A Texas man was shot in the face by his own bullet, ricocheting from an armadillo that was his target. (Can we send guys like him to volunteer for ISIS?)

Naked sunbathers were furious about a camera drone.  (Hmnn … They strip and then complain that people see them?)

Thus escapes yet another week, laughing … We hope you are, too. Tears are a drag!


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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