Nuclear War: Held Off by Promises From U.S. Politicians and Iranian Islamist



What are we to think of the Iranian nuke deal of which our President is so defensive, so secretive, and his opposition so critical and yet, uninformative? We are considering replacing our picture of a tiger captioned: “Trust Me” with a photo of our Senator or maybe of our President …

We feel rather like an onlooker to a yelling match between opponents who are Obamacarespeaking some foreign language. We know they are annoyed with each other, but we can’t understand what is going on.

Some bits have popped into view: Reports say that Sec. of State Kerry  admitted that the US will help protect Iran’s nuclear program from Israeli attack.  Iran will receive a “dangerous amount of atomic expertise.” The published and repeated Iranian statement that there will be: “No Inspection of military sites.” goes so far, without response. And “side deals” undisclosed in the legislation give pause.

It seems worthy of note that, while criticism of the Obamafolk’s secretiveness is appropriate, Congressional criticism of it in the face of our legislators’ votes on undisclosed proposals (e.g. Obamacare) renders Congress even more hypocritical than the President.

Unadmitted but obvious, our leaders are abandoning Israel for the Iranians. We have played with Iran before; dumping our ally the Shah in favor of the Ayatollahs. We know how that turned out, but we seem to learn slowly. No doubt there are deep, political reasons that we are unable to comprehend. (Or prefer not to comprehend.)

The scene is of course, reported to us via propaganda, fomenting the interests of the government. It is already into the 2016 presidential campaign, of which President Obama just observed that “I could win a third term.” (That’s a clue, by the way.) Waste of breath of course, at this point.

There is one — only one — overriding reality in all of this: With North Korea and Pakistan already nuclear, saying nothing of Russia, China and India, how will anyone prevent a nuclear Iran? Short of war, that is.

While chewing on how to prevent Iran short of war, does any believe that no other country on the entire earth is quietly pursuing nukes too? Saudi Arabia, that could at need, buy the planet, has announced that  it will have nukes if Iran has them. Will Turkey accept that? Argentina, Brazil? Germany? Japan?

Let’s get real for a moment. The “Pax Americana” is done. China invaded Tibet, is pressing India and all its neighbors around the China Sea. Russia has invaded Georgia and Ukraine. Meanwhile, the mighty US is sucking its thumb. It has, as all history’s hegemons, run out of money. Unadmitted for now, but a fact. Last we heard, a single anti-ISIS airstrike cost some $2.5M.

The touted “recovery” is dissolving into a continuation of history’s greatest depression, wars here and there to distract folk from the political roots. And secondary powers using the declines of the big boys to acquire their own nukes. That’s the new normal. With this proliferation, will the nukes ultimately get loose? Vladimir Putin has been rattling his. You should ask Murphy…

But we have good, cheap wine, ice cream, the Internet, homes, cars, free sex and affordable health care, right? Even without a job … for now.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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1 Response to Nuclear War: Held Off by Promises From U.S. Politicians and Iranian Islamist

  1. Michael says:

    Obama “you can keep your freedom your safety and your doctor” I give you my word of honor!

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