May a Feminist Woman Change Her Mind? (Some Surveys Suggest Yes)

Modern MomSurveying millennial women is reportedly turning up significant attitude changes on important fronts. These younger folk are starting to deviate from the Feminist Holy Writ as preached by baby boomers and by generation X after them. The differences affect women’s careers, child-bearing and their place in society, not small stuff.

The changes will not please feminists; if the numbers of young women expressing such revised opinions continues to grow, it will come to threaten the feminist bloc of the political Left, likely arousing all sorts of fireworks. For now, it’s merely a new trend, though if the pattern is solid, an interesting one.

In short, increasing numbers of young women expect to take time out from their careers for family and children. They expect those careers to be diminished by that. They will do that regardless. This is interesting and will have a lot to do with how the future plays out. For any worried about survival of our species, it might be reassuring.

Women bought the feminist pitch: Take THE PILL, abort the ‘mistakes’ and go out to live the carefree life of men. It was pitched to envy and it sold widely, especially to young women. It appears to be turning out that even with pills and abortions, women somehow aren’t men. (Thank God.) And now, growing numbers of them are noticing. Particularly younger ones who have not burned their bras in public.

There are some things that we’d like to know about this trend. Are the girls happy about these choices? Or are they resentful? Do they feel with the feminists that the foregone choices imposed by raising kids are an unfair imposition, mostly imposed by men? Dunno. It’s important, too. A bitter, self-sorrowful mother isn’t a very good one for kids, right?

From our view, feminists accomplished three main things: The helped put erstwhile housewives back to work on top of still being housewives; two jobs where one (unpaid if you count cash) existed before. They created the Single Mom. And recently, they have midwifed the right females now have to die on battlefields.

A curiosity: If men are in fact the domineering, overbearing, powerful patriarchs as feminists accuse them, why have they stood around with dumb expressions while all this has been going on? We suspect that in the hands of an intelligent woman, the average male is a pathetic wimp. Men, not long ago, naturally assumed the only seat with arm supports at the “head” of the dining table. We did. But our kids did not see that as the head of anything, Power sat in Mother’s chair. Ah, well.

It appears that baby boomers have been pretty smug feminists, generation X a bit less so and now the millennials are still further from that. Could biology be asserting itself? Is the male-female relationship built into our DNA? A lot of religious people would say that, one of the reasons they are out of favor with the Left now. Dunno that, either. But it fits the situation, or so we think.

Political ramifications occur to us too: If the youngsters are drifting back toward older values, abandoning the feminists, how will the doctrinaire Left deal with that? Seems that they can’t afford to antagonize a lot of younger women by demonizing them; nor can they afford to let them live and grow more numerous. It could become interesting. Perhaps, as neither current Democrats nor current Republicans appear to embody this and other developing attitudes, some new party will be embodied to do it? If the current elite will stand still for that, another interesting question. (We’ll inquire of Mr. Trump.)

Polls and surveys these days have become as corrupt as most else, all this may blow away in the wind. But if it is accurate and honest and continues to grow, maybe tomorrow won’t be an expanded version of today.


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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  1. atimetoshare says:

    Let’s hope so!

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